WordPress Plugin 2.0

October 5th, 2010 by Richard Murdock

We released a WordPress plugin for LoopFuse back in late May. Since then we’ve had a lot happen with the release of FreeView and then the announcement of our Partner program. We’ve now been able to revisit that plugin and add functionality to it.

The basic purpose of the plugin remains the same. You can still add your Customer ID to the settings page and instantly have the Tracking Beacon installed on your site without having to edit the template for your site. With this plug-in, instrumenting the tracking beacon doesn’t require you to seek out your web designer to start collecting data on visiting prospects. This allows you to kick-start your marketing automation process immediately.

The new version of the plugin now offers integration with the popular WordPress forms plugin, Contact Form 7. Rather than re-invent an entire suite of functionality found in many forms plugins we decided to leverage the power, convenience, and feature set of an existing popular forms plugin. Now you can create a form within OneView and get it on to your WordPress site ready to capture data without having to know HTML. Simply provide the formID, action URL, and form name to the LoopFuse OneView plugin and that information becomes available for use inside of the Contact Form 7 forms plugin. Once the information is tied together you start to capture leads that fill out that form in your OneView account.

As WordPress continues to grow in popularity as a base for websites that are more than just blogs, we hope that our OneView plugin makes integrating your marketing automation efforts in to your site as easy as possible.


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