What’s New in LoopFuse v3.32

July 18th, 2011 by Tom Elrod

June 17th marks the release of LoopFuse v3.32.  This new release focuses on providing more insight into the top of the funnel via inbound marketing reporting and scoring dashboard.

Search Engine & Referrer Report

This new report shows which referring sites visitors and prospects are coming from as well as what search engine and search keywords are being used to find your web site.  The report also includes company and geolocation data.  The report can be run for any specified time period.

Lead Scoring Dashboard

The scoring dashboard will display the top scoring prospects and companies for a given date range providing a quick view of who’s hot.  The dashboard can be filtered to show companies and/or prospects, as well as grouping of ISPs.  From the scoring dashboard, users will be able to drill down into the specific company or prospect of interest.

Compliance BCC Email

For some companies, such as a SEC regulated company, storing a copy of every email that is sent on their behalf is needed.  This new feature allows customers to specify one or more email addresses that will be blind copied (i.e. BCC) for every email campaign that is sent out of their account.

Special thanks to our customers for submitting these and other feature requests via the LoopFuse Community!


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