What would you do with 1 million emails?

May 18th, 2012 by Robert Pease

Please tell me your answer is NOT send them all at once:)

We recently passed the 1 million emails sent threshold in our own deployment of LoopFuse (yes, we do use our own product).  It took us many, many years to hit that milestone which is pretty well aligned with how you are suppose to use marketing automation technology.

There are many wrong ways to do email marketing like batch and blasting emails, buying 3rd party lists, and just generally being an inbox nuisance.  That said, using proper methods and a dose of good sense makes email engagement with customers and prospects one of the most valuable things you can do.

The great thing about marketing automation is that you are actually doing really, really well when you are sending small numbers of very targeted correspondence all the time. This definitely takes some discipline and thought but the results speak for themselves.

To drive this point home, we wanted to share what the last 30 days of email engagement looks like here at LoopFuse:

So, think about the kind of emails you send and don’t be in a hurry to hit the 1 million sent milestone unless you are thoughtful about what you send and when.  Your customers and prospects will thank you and their inboxes will be a little less cluttered.

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