Upcoming Webinar: The Intersection of Modern Marketing and Sales 2.0

August 21st, 2013 by Robert Pease

Please join us on Thursday, August 29th at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT for a discussion about how sales and marketing are changing, how you can leverage modern marketing and sales 2.0 approaches in your company, and how to achieve harmony between them.  Specifically, we’ll cover:

– What you need to do to adapt
– The landscape of Modern Marketing and Sales 2.0
– A few favorite tools including cool sales contract management application – Glider

There are lots of opinions out there about what modern marketing is, how sales 2.0 is really different than what we do today and what the best path is to getting the benefits of both.  We’ll have an active discussion with the Glider team on this topic!

Register for the webinar!

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