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November 14th, 2011 by Tom Elrod

This last weekend marked the release of LoopFuse v3.34.  This new release includes deeper integration for custom events within the LoopFuse feature set to include a new custom event dashboard, integration of custom events within lead nurturing programs, and scoring rules based on custom events.

Custom Events Explained

custom_eventFor those of you that missed the announcement of custom event support in our previous release, custom events allows LoopFuse customers to capture what actions their end-users are performing within their applications.  These actions, or custom events, can be anything that a customer wants to track within their application per end-user and are completely defined by the customer.

For example, a customer that has an online shopping cart would want to capture events related to checkout such as an abandoned shopping cart.  Another example would be a customer that offers an online service such as web-based video conferencing would want to capture events related to conducting a meeting such as creating a meeting and number of attendees for that meeting.

Custom Events Dashboard

The Custom Events dashboard allows LoopFuse customers to view which activities their end-users are performing over a specified period of time.  This dashboard also displays increases in volume of activities over a period of time and even which end-users are performing which actions.


Now both marketing and sales have visibility into what their end-users are doing, or in some cases not doing, in real-time.

Lead Nurturing using Custom Events

Visibility into what end-users are doing within your application is important, but being able to react to what end-users are doing is just as important.  LoopFuse customer will be able to build automated workflow programs that can include custom events within logic of their programs.

For example, using one of the previous examples of an abandoned shopping cart, a program can be built to not only detect this type of event but also email out to that end-user a special offer to bring them back and complete the transaction.

Lead Scoring based on Custom Events

Lead scoring is a great way to quickly qualify a prospect based on their actions such as viewing a pricing page or downloading a specific PDF file.  Being able to impact a prospect’s score based on their actions related to your application is also very useful.


For example, using one of the previous examples of creating an online video conferencing meeting, a scoring rule can be created to assign 5 points for every meeting an end-user creates up to a total of 15 points.  Using scoring rules such as this can quickly identify a prospect that is actively using the service to the sales team.

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