Tracking the Effectiveness of your Banner Ads

August 3rd, 2010 by Cindy Ryan

I am only a few months into my new job here at LoopFuse, heading up their marketing team, and it has been full steam ahead with the exciting announcement of FreeView, the first and only free marketing automation solution. Being a previous user and advocate of LoopFuse, I found it easy to jump in feet first and start developing new marketing programs utilizing our own tool to create and track their successes.

As I continue to ramp up the marketing efforts here I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. Personally, I relate better to a product when I understand how I can use it to make my job easier on a daily basis. I am a marketing user just like you and I am going to discuss real-life use cases for using marketing automation in this post and future posts.

One of my first projects was to manage the launch of our new website and the messaging around it. The homepage was getting a makeover and one of the biggest changes was the addition of some scrolling banners. We wanted to get our audience’s attention with graphics that popped and content that was simple and to the point. Today we have four rotating banners.

In my opinion, we created some compelling content but we needed insight on whether or not the messaging was resonating with our website visitors as well. The website looked great but was the content interesting enough for people to click through? This was the perfect opportunity for me to start using internet campaigns within LoopFuse OneView.

It was so easy and the information I have gathered since has really given me an idea of what messages our website visitors found significant.  In less than 10 minutes, I created four new internet campaigns – one for each banner ad. LoopFuse OneView simply asked me to enter in the target URL from the banner, the landing page that the user is taken when they click on each banner. LoopFuse provided me a redirect URL immediately for each banner ad. I took the new URL and just placed it where the old one existed in my website’s HTML. Just a note, I am not that savvy with HTML but when it is as basic as swapping out links I can usually do it myself.

With my internet campaigns set up, I now have visibility into which messages on my homepage are driving people to click through on the banners and eventually registering on the site. I even scheduled a weekly report so every Monday I now get the weekly analytics around my banner ad activity. Banner ads like I have described are only one of the many ways you can use internet campaigns. For example, you can also track Google Adwords and your online advertising campaigns. Think of all the possibilities.  Until next time…..

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