Tips and Best Practices

October 11th, 2007 by Tom Elrod

It has always surprised me that there are not more places for marketers to go online to learn more about best practices in internet marketing, lead management, and web analytics. In particular, there is almost no place online for marketing professionals to go to ask questions about process and techniques and where interactive conversations can take place.

We have started a series of short articles covering some tips and best practices for marketers in today’s online world. Please feel free to join the conversation, ask questions, and provide your input. The first article is entitled Getting the right data at the right time

One of the things that companies with a strong online presence struggle with is how to collect quality information from potential leads that visit their web site. Since many companies get their best leads from web site visitors, this is an important issue and at the center of the issue is determining the trade value. By trade value, mean how much value is provided in turn for the information that the visitor gives and how valuable is that information to you.

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