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Technology and Security

Unrivaled Scalability and Security

Safe & Secure Marketing Automation in the Cloud

The LoopFuse Oneview Marketing Automation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is secured and hosted in Internap’s world-class data centers and connected to their secure, scalable, and redundant network. LoopFuse owns and manages all of its server hardware, thus ensuring your data is secure and in good hands at all times.

    Every month, LoopFuse OneView …

  • Processes over 14 billion database transactions.
  • Captures over 250,000 prospects from web forms.
  • Tracks over 18 million website pageviews.
  • Processes over 1 million uploaded prospects.
  • Creates over 250,000 Leads in SalesForce.com
  • Sends over 3 million emails.

Network and Infrastructure

Internap Hosting Services are built to deliver on-demand software, with fully-managed hosting solutions and instant emergency response. Our dedicated Rackspace services include world class monitoring, highly secure facilities and a support team of certified experts.

  • The Internap SLA includes 100% uptime guarantee, combined with latency, packet loss and jitter metrics second to none (100% network availability, Less than 45 milliseconds latency, Less than 0.3% packet loss)
  • 24/7 Monitoring of System Health by LoopFuse dedicated IT Staff.
  • 6MW of generator-backed utility power.
  • SAS70 Type II compliant.
  • Redundant Sonicwall firewalls and load balancers.
  • Multiple layers of hardened physical security.
  • On-site Georgia Power substation with 80MW of N+1 power (3X 40MW transformers) ••fed by three diverse substations and two electrical grids; 3 X 40 = 120 MW

Software Architecture

Created from the ground-up by professionals with decades of experience in Email Marketing design and development, and the building and managing of large scalable systems, Loopfuse OneView offers unrivaled scalability and performance.

  • SaaS Marketing Automation. No IT required.
  • 100% Built with Sun Microsystems Java Technologies
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture: Customers have dedicated databases instances, avoiding the possibility of co-mingling data.
  • Hosted on RedHat JBoss providing: clustering, failover, load balancing, caching, and distributed processing.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security via the JAAS Standard (Java Authorization and Authentication Service).

Email Serving & Deliverability

LoopFuse leverages Port25’s PowerMTA software for improved Email Deliverability and send performance. PowerMTA is the market’s leading email gateway software that makes it easy for senders to adopt the latest authentication specifications (SenderID, SPF, Domain Keys and DKIM) and comply with policies for accountable outbound email delivery.