Technology That Works For You

Why On-Demand?

Sales and marketing organizations share a singular focus–to drive revenue. Any project that isn’t focused entirely on that mission is generally a waste of valuable resources. At LoopFuse, we get that. This is why we built LoopFuse OneView to be the easiest marketing automation solution to deploy and use, period. We’ve designed the trial process to get you up and running in minutes.  Our user interface is intelligent and flexible, allowing new users to create new programs, campaigns and emails with no user training. Plus, all traditional IT issues, like scalability, availability, and upgrades, are taken care of for you by the expert LoopFuse engineering and operations teams.

Led by the CRM giant, Salesforce.com, marketing and sales organizations have been flocking to the on-demand model in droves. Why? Simply put, it allows them to do more with less. You can get up and running today with no complex IT procurement process. You are empowered to do business operations—like create that email campaign or nurturing program—without expensive consultants or IT staff. In addition, you save on all the initial upfront investment for hardware and infrastructure, while, at the same time, you know that the on-demand service will scale with you as you grow. Yet, you only pay for what you use.

While the concept of on-demand is attractive to most businesses today, we know that not all software-as-a service (SaaS) vendors are equal. We understand you don’t want to worry about the infrastructure and operations. By selecting LoopFuse, you will have the extra confidence in knowing that we’ve chosen leading vendors and software products to build, support and ensure 100% uptime of your critical business services. We’re proud to share that information with you and prove to you that your experience with LoopFuse OneView will truly help you be more productive without worry.