Taking Your Website to the Next Level: Setting a Website Strategy

November 8th, 2010 by Sean Dwyer

Building off of last week’s post, below is an excerpt from the Taking Your Website to the Next Level article on “Setting a Website Strategy”……

Start by carefully considering the goals for your website. Answer these two questions to help you set a strategy:

  • Who do I want to attract to the site?
  • What do I want them to do/learn when they get here?

Create a list of different visitor “types.” Be as exhaustive and specific as you can.

Consider a maker of vehicle fleet tracking technology. The company enables companies with mobile delivery, sales, or service people to know where the vehicles are, if they’re on schedule, if they’re safe, if they’re speeding, or if they’re following the most efficient routes, etc. Here’s how they might answer the questions above.

Who do I want to attract? Why are they Visiting? What Info do we need to provide? What action do we want them to take?
Companies with fleets of delivery, sales or service vehicles

(Note:  This example is for illustrative purposes, so it’s being kept simple. In reality, one could (and should) be more specific; drill down to specific people/job titles within these companies, or companies of certain sizes or within specific industries or geographic locations, etc.)

  • To learn whether fleet tracking technology can improve their business
  • An overview of product features and benefits
  • An on-line demonstration of the product
  • Competitive comparison info
  • Product cost info
  • Ordering information
  • Customer success stories or testimonials
  • Sign up to download a white paper or to access an on-line demo, etc.
  • Contact us to set up a sales consultation
Prospective Employees
  • To see if we have job openings
  • Job openings
  • Photos of our business and the people who work here.
  • Description of the company culture to see that this is a good place to work.
  • Submit a job application
Other visitor types could include…the media, potential business partners, investors or suppliers.

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