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LoopFuse OneView System Uptime

Superior Quality and Transparency in a Hosted Offering

At LoopFuse, system uptime and dependability are a primary focus. We feel it is important for you, our customer, to understand that we aligned in your goals of capturing, qualifying, and routing Leads to your Sales reps.

How do we maintain 100% (or near 100%) system uptime and reliability?

Redundancy. Every one of our servers is backed or mirrored by another one just like it. So if one server is decommissioned for maintenance, there is another one waiting to take its place. Even though the system user-interface may be unaccessible to our customers due to upgrades, you can rest-assured that we are still functioning by capturing and routing Leads to your CRM.

The table below is a monthly log of our system uptime. System uptime is measured by the amount of time over a given month that the system is accessible to our customers.

View the daily uptime log from our 3rd-party monitoring solution here
May 2010100%
April 2010100%
March 2010100%
February 2010100%
January 201099.99%