Sprinkle Sugar on your Loops

December 10th, 2007 by Roy Russo

Ok, so flame me for the lack of a catchy blog title. ;-)

Thanks to the folks over at SugarCRM, we’re proud to announce that the LoopFuse Marketing Automation platform is now part of the SugarExchange. Our friends at SugarCRM have added LoopFuse smack-dab on the SugarExchange homepage as a featured listing.

From the onset, we’ve strived to work closely with our friends at SugarCRM, believing that the pairing of both technologies allows marketing and sales teams to leverage a suite of powerful tools not commonly found in the marketplace under an affordable price with such a wide breadth of functionality. The combination of Web Analytics, Email/Internet Marketing, Lead Management, and CRM Integration help consolidate the commonly-used, and often disparate tools that most marketing and sales organizations employ. An advantage to this consolidated toolset lies in marketers now being able to measure ROI from their marketing campaigns and web activity, due to the nature of LoopFuse’s integration with the SugarCRM platform.

LoopFuse’s OneView platform, is able to integrate with any flavor of SugarCRM; OSS, On-Demand and On-Premise. We offer a free fully-functional 30-day trial for anyone wishing to kick the tires and integrate LoopFuse with SugarCRM.

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