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LoopFuse Solutions :: Shorten the Sales Cycle

Long sales cycles are caused by sales people, not customers. Simply put, customers want to solve problems and not spend their time listening to a sales person. Admittedly, the main culprit in inhibiting shorter sales cycles is lack of planning. Effective planning before sales calls and during the sales cycle process will decrease the number of calls in to a customer, increase the readiness-to-buy awareness of the sales person, and shorten the sale cycle.

Marketing organizations can help shorten the sales cycle by supplying sales personnel with important and accurate data that will aid them in their pre-call planning – shortening the amount of time on a call, and making them better informed as to their prospect’s interest level.

The Problem

Long sales cycles are having a negative effect on corporate revenue, and increasing costs associated with elevated marketing and sales expenditures.

The LoopFuse Solution

The LoopFuse OneView marketing automation suite provides marketers the tools they need to funnel qualified leads to the sales organization, leading to a better-informed sales person, reducing planning and call times, and shortening the sales cycle.
  • Decrease costs associated with having to re-capture leads that have leaked out of the sales funnel, due to long sales cycles and limited resources.
  • Increase Awareness through marketing campaigns, keeping the sales pipeline full of good quality leads, eliminating sales cherry-picking through leads supplied.
  • Generate leads and provide detailed lead information on every prospect and company visiting your site, allowing sales people to use that information when calling in to a customer and be better educated on their prospects.
  • Improve lead quality with Lead Scoring and Data Segmentation. Strong leads produce Strong Sales.
  • Companies spend ten times more to acquire a customer than to keep a customer. Existing customers are more likely to purchase again, spend more money, and therefore become more profitable. Identify which customers or companies are most likely to buy again, with in-depth reporting and analytics on their buying habits and history with your marketing initiatives.