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LoopFuse Solutions :: Measure Marketing ROI

One of the major issues marketers face daily is the constant pressure to demonstrate the return on investment for each campaign and justify future costs associated with implementing new campaigns. Currently, marketers lack functional tools to provide them with the analytics needed to track and measure the performance and effectiveness of inidividual campaigns or aggregate corporate marketing initiatives.

The Problem

Marketing is unable to accurately quantify its return-on-investment for existing campaigns, and is unable to forecast accurately ROI for new campaigns.

The LoopFuse Solution

LoopFuse marketing automation solutions for lead management provide marketers the capability to accurately quantify a return-on-investment of marketing campaigns.
  • Increased understanding of the true effectiveness of marketing campaigns, website performance, lead quality, and determining ROI, provided by a dashboard-style application designed to provide up-to-the-minute information on all your marketing data needs.
  • Increased marketing effectiveness, with real-world data aggregated under one umbrella that fills the gaps, allowing for better decision-making.
  • Decreased costs associated with having to manually aggregate the information from these disparate sources and guesstimate ROI calculations.
  • Decreased costs associated with dealing with a variety of solution providers and varying pricing models, as the LoopFuse pricing model is flexible and scalable to organizations large and small.
  • Increase revenue through the use of Lead Scoring and effective Lead Management which help derive the highest ROI per lead and helps focus sales efforts.
  • Increase revenue with shorter sales cycles enabled by improved leads-to-sales conversion rates. Ensuring quality leads flowing through the funnel shortens the sales cycles and overhead costs, leading to higher measurable ROI rates.