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4Cs of B2B Marketing: Campaign, Customer, Channel, Content

Monday, November 1st, 2010

When I originally had the idea to write this post,  I decided to focus on our new marketing automation platform release and how the menu system had changed. I soon realized that the real story was not product-specific, but the underlying reason for the change; To align a menu system with how business-leaders today think about online marketing and sales.

the 4Cs of B2B marketing

So how is it that today’s B2B Marketing professionals think? Enter the 4Cs:


Looking forward: LoopFuse OneView v3.28

Monday, October 25th, 2010

This coming weekend (Oct 30th), we will be releasing LoopFuse OneView v3.28. The coming release focuses on adding rich Social Monitoring, Inbound Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing functionality to the already lengthy set of Marketing Automation features found in OneView.


Are you ready to lead?

Monday, July 19th, 2010

The face of marketing is changing.  Techniques and approaches that worked as recently as 18 months ago will fall by the way side within the next 18.  I’ll paraphrase Gretzky here; the goal is to not be where the ball is, but where it’s GOING TO BE.  To take advantage of the emerging opportunity you need to start preparing today.

While there will be other components to the messaging mix, the most important ones, that I call the Big 6, are going to be key.  Review the following list.

Are you ready, or do you need to get to work?

1.  Website
– Optimizing page structure and wording for SEO
– Setting up tailored landing pages for cross channel campaigns
– Hosting webinars and other rich media destination content

2. Email
– Eliminating acquired list mailings
– Growing list of 1st party opt-ins
– Using for retention campaigns

3. Search
– Building a link back network
– Optimizing all forms of content for specific keywords
– Exploring emergent search engines like Facebook

4. Display
– Incorporating as part of a broader cross channel campaign
– Utilizing highly targeted, verticalized networks
– Tracking all of your referral sources

5. Content Syndication
– Developing content specifically for off-site deployment
– Establishing outlets on YouTube, SlideShare, Scribd, etc.
– Using simple syndication through RSS, Feedburner, etc.

6. Social Engagement
– Targeting specific communities to penetrate
– Actively commenting and publicizing others content
– Growing followings and connections

If you can put a check next to all of these you are in pretty good shape.  You have a strong foundation to work from and are ready to start innovating!

Is Your Social Media Marketing Accountable?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Yelp, YouTube, FreindFeed, Slideshare, Flickr… it seems like every day another social media channel is launched. With ever dwindling resources, marketers must choose where to spend their time and effort. It’s tempting to just engage on the most recognized channels. But how many of us really know which of these channels is most effective for our particular audience?

Many of these services can offer metrics and statistics, but how easy is it to compare the efficiency of your LinkedIn question versus your blogpost, versus your tweets?  Marcus Tewksbury of “The Marketing Mojo” fame is hosting a webinar on this topic for Alterian on Thursday of this week. I’ve been reading The Marketing Mojo site for almost a year now and they have a good handle on both social media and general marketing.  I’m curious to see what Marcus has in store. Here’s a link to the webinar if you’re curious.

Empowering Sales with Business Directory Integration

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Empowering Sales with up-to-date contact information on contacts and interested prospects is essential in this day and age of high-volume, low-touch sales processes. LoopFuse OneView offers Sales organizations deep integration with a great number of common 3rd-party business directory and news sites, easily accessible from any visiting Company’s analytics page.

The current integrated 3rd party directories and news sites are pictured below, and include direct-linking to information providers such as Hoover’s Business Directory, Jigsaw, Google News, and ZoomInfo.

Hoover's Business Directory


What, no Google news for Eloqua? ;-)

Because the level of integration is “native” and presented as a hot-link, LoopFuse is able to provide the added value and information to sales organizations at no cost to us and therefore no additional cost to LoopFuse customers… and sales people are much happier for it all. ;-)