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Put Twitter lead generation cards to work with LoopFuse marketing automation

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Twitter recently launched Twitter Cards for Lead Generation to give marketers an additional tool for lead generation via social media.  Twitter Cards provide an enhanced content experience as well as a simple one click “sign up” for Twitter users to take advantage of a promotion, offer, or other type of call to action.

We’re strong believers in the lead generation possibilities of social media as evidenced by our Nearstream social campaigns to identify, engage, and capture demand signals from Twitter (you can find this under Campaign>Social Campaigns in the LoopFuse product menu).

So we’ve put together a quick “how to” video and additional instructions on how to connect Twitter Cards to LoopFuse to capture these leads and put our nurturing, scoring, and CRM integration capabilities to work.  We’ve also added the detailed instructions posted below to our support site so you can reference them there as well.

Twitter Cards are a feature that allow you to capture leads directly from your Twitter stream. One click allows you to capture their name, email address, and twitter handle just as you would a regular Form registration. We’ll need to set up a Lead Capture Form in LoopFuse and use information unique to that form to set up the Twitter Card.

Set up the Lead Capture Form

We can use the wizard to set up the new form for this Twitter Card. Go to Prospect Management -> Lead Capture Forms, and click on the wizard.

Choose the option for “New form not found on my website”. Click “Next Step”.

Give the form a name. Choose to “Re-Route to a Thank-You page” and provide a URL. This setting really won’t matter much because of the way things will be submitted to us from Twitter, but you need to supply something in these fields for the wizard to continue. Add these registrations to a list and choose whether to Export to CRM or not (your choice depending on your business needs).

Manually map out three fields that are coming from Twitter. Keep in mind that the names we use on the left under “Form Field Name” will be what the field is called in Twitter. The name on the right is the field name in LoopFuse. You may need to set up some custom LoopFuse Fields before you create this form if you want the information passed on to Salesforce. For this example I used “email”, “twitterName”, and “twitterHandle”. Click on “Save Form” when done.

The final step of the wizard will let you click in to the form itself:

Click on “View HTML” to see details that we’ll need in Twitter. Leave this window open so you can get the information later.

Add or Edit a Twitter Card – Enable it to capture leads in LoopFuse

Go to your Twitter Ads account ( and access your cards. Create a new card or edit an existing one. Edit the Card Content as needed. Under the Technical Settings is where we will connect the card to your OneView account.

Here are the settings you will need for this section:

  • Choose POST as the submit method (it should be the default)
  • Input the submit URL –
  • Put in your Fallback URL
    A Twitter Card has an end goal when deployed, a call to action where you want users to end up when they click. Make sure to use that URL in the Fallback URL section for best results. You will still get their basic information captured automatically but this may be a good opportunity to get more information from them if they are interested.
  • Link to your Privacy Policy

Next we’ll add values that will get sent to LoopFuse when someone clicks on Card.

  • In our example above, Name was to be submitted to the form as “twitterName”. It can be whatever as long as this value under “Custom Key Name” matches the value under “Form Field Name” in LoopFuse. Fill in all three fields to match the LoopFuse values.
  • Reference your form in LoopFuse for the “Custom Hidden Data Values”. From your form properties, click on  “View HTML”. Look for “formid” and “cid”

Once you put the values in these fields, accept the terms, and save the card, a test registration will be sent to your account.

Check your LoopFuse account for the registration. Once you verify that it is there you can check the box that you received the data. Once you’ve acknowledged receipt of the data you can use your card!

Nearstream Social Campaigns Added to LoopFuse

Friday, April 26th, 2013

We are continuing to integrate LoopFuse and Nearstream further and added a new selection from the “Campaign” menu in LoopFuse to make accessing Nearstream social campaigns that much easier!  If you haven’t already set up a social campaign in Nearstream, simply click on the menu item, enter your current LoopFuse credentials, and you’ll be off and running.

We built Nearstream to give you true social media ROI but identifying and surfacing the most meaningful sales ready conversations in Twitter.  We’re still refining things a bit so let us know if you have any feedback or would like to see us add anything.  We’d love to hear it!

We would love you to try out LoopFuse here.

To find out exactly what LoopFuse does, click here.

You can try Nearstream for social lead generation here.

To add LoopFuse to, click here.

You can follow LoopFuse on Twitter here or join us on our Facebook fan page here.

Replay of Using Social Signals for Lead Generation Webcast [Video]

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

We had a great event last Friday covering best practices around social lead generation including an engagement framework plus some ground rules as well as a deep walk through of Nearstream and how it can be used to surface buying intent via social media.  Interested in trying Nearstream?  Click here and either Sign Up or enter your current LoopFuse credentials and you’ll step through the process to set up your first social campaign.  We’re still in beta release with it so any and all feedback is welcome and wanted!

Upcoming Webinar: Using Social Signals for Lead Generation

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Please join us on Friday, February 8 at 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT for a discussion about how to use social media for lead generation.

Social media is a great place to begin conversations that can lead to meaningful customer relationships.  The challenge is to engage with the right person at the right time with the right message.

We’ll be covering best practices for social customer engagement and how to use our Nearstream capabilities to identify, score, and respond to buying intent in social media.

Register for the webinar!

LoopFuse and Nearstream combine to offer social customer engagement with marketing automation

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

We are excited to announce that LoopFuse and Nearstream are merging into one company.  Combining the two companies adds full featured marketing automation to innovative and unique social marketing capabilities.

Social media in many ways represents the greatest opportunity for true one-to-one prospect engagement and communication.  Rather than a focus on quantity, social engagement is about personal connections and Nearstream provides the ability to surface the best opportunities for engagement in an efficient and timely way.  Watch the quick video below to learn more about Nearstream:

We will continue to offer our marketing automation platform under the LoopFuse brand and will be adding an integrated offering going forward.

Nearstream is currently in a limited release beta and you can sign up to try it by clicking here.  All of our current LoopFuse customers will be receiving details shortly on getting set up with their Nearstream accounts.

We are very excited about the future and our goal of making people better marketers.  Great things ahead!

Robert Pease, CEO & Bradley Young, CTO

Below is the full press release:

Nearstream and LoopFuse Combine To Offer Next Generation Social Customer Engagement with Marketing Automation

New company offers marketing automation plus an innovative social engagement approach to identify sales opportunities based on buyer intent.

Seattle, WA, January 8, 2013 – LoopFuse, a cloud-based marketing automation software company, today announced that it has completed a merger with Nearstream, a provider of social engagement software.  The combined company to be called Nearstream offers an integrated customer engagement and automated marketing platform spanning web, email, and social.

Nearstream uses social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to identify and engage based on buyer intent and LoopFuse provides marketing automation to manage sales prospects through the buying process – website visitor tracking, email lead nurturing, lead scoring, CRM integration, and conversion analysis.  The combined products create a unique offering covering web, email, and social in a way that puts the buyer and their needs first and helps business better find, engage, and close sales opportunities.

“Social media is an increasingly important part of B2B marketing, ” said Sean Dwyer, CEO of LoopFuse.  “Combining LoopFuse’s marketing automation platform with Nearstream’s social engagement capabilities gives marketers a true end-to-end marketing system for today and the future.”

“Nearstream helps companies better identify and engage with people based on their stated needs, ” said Robert Pease, CEO of Nearstream.  “Bringing Nearstream’s ability to identify buyer intent via social signals together with LoopFuse’s automated marketing capabilities helps sales and marketing professionals better engage the right person at the right time with the right message.”

Nearstream is based in Seattle, Washington and LoopFuse operations will continue in Atlanta, Georgia with the products being offered under their respective brands with further integration planned.  Robert Pease will lead the company as CEO along with CTO Bradley Young. LoopFuse CEO Sean Dwyer joins the Nearstream board of directors.

To learn more about LoopFuse or sign up for a free trial, please visit

To learn more about Nearstream or sign up for the beta, please visit

About Nearstream, Inc.

Nearstream is a B2B social lead generation product that identifies on-line demand signals.  By applying intent detection, automated follow up, and analytics, companies are able to take advantage of social media to acquire new customers.  Nearstream is a privately held company based in Seattle, WA. For more information, please visit

About LoopFuse, Inc.
LoopFuse offers a B2B marketing automation platform that tells you who is visiting your website, helps you capture their information, sends lead nurturing emails, scores the best opportunities, and integrates it all into your CRM system with advanced reporting.  Once in place, you’ll see more qualified leads, shorter sales cycles, increased marketing and sales efficiency, and the automation of once manual and repetitive tasks. In short, we help you generate revenue faster.  For more information on, please visit

For more information contact:

[email protected]
tel. +1.206.327.0397

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


Ethan Bloch’s Mantra for Startup Success: Leads, Leads, Leads

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Ethan Bloch, entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Flowtown, believes that the secret to startup success is “leads, leads, leads.” According to Bloch, leads are the driving force of the entire business, and “if you don’t have a cost-effective system for generating leads, then your business is dead.”

The secret to success as an entrepreneur, however, is not about “leads” or “how many mistakes you make,” says Bloch. “It’s how quickly you can recover from those mistakes.” (more…)

Is Your Social Media Marketing Accountable?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Yelp, YouTube, FreindFeed, Slideshare, Flickr… it seems like every day another social media channel is launched. With ever dwindling resources, marketers must choose where to spend their time and effort. It’s tempting to just engage on the most recognized channels. But how many of us really know which of these channels is most effective for our particular audience?

Many of these services can offer metrics and statistics, but how easy is it to compare the efficiency of your LinkedIn question versus your blogpost, versus your tweets?  Marcus Tewksbury of “The Marketing Mojo” fame is hosting a webinar on this topic for Alterian on Thursday of this week. I’ve been reading The Marketing Mojo site for almost a year now and they have a good handle on both social media and general marketing.  I’m curious to see what Marcus has in store. Here’s a link to the webinar if you’re curious.