Small Batch Marketing – What Microbreweries Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation

September 14th, 2012 by Robert Pease

What can you learn about marketing automation from microbreweries?  Turns out plenty in terms of focus, volume, differentiation, and customer engagement.  John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame wrote a really nice post some time ago titled “Small Batch, Hand Crafted Outbound Marketing Works” that put forth this concept and lays out how direct, targeted, and genuine outbound marketing really works.

We agree. The goal with your lead nurturing program is to send small batches of well-timed and content relevant emails as your prospects move through the buying cycle.  Deploying batch and blast or one-size fits all engagement to the exclusion of small batch, lead nurturing doesn’t provide the quality and results that more focused and well thought through approaches provide.  Unfortunately, many marketers use the high volume model exclusively as they believe this is the most time efficient way to cover the most possible prospects.  There are definitely times to send emails to everyone about the same thing – a webinar/event, a new product release, a promotion, etc. but don’t make the only way you communicate.

It’s actually sort of like the difference between big batch, high volume breweries and more specialized and targeted ones.  We’re huge fans of small businesses here at LoopFuse and many of us love hand crafted beer so drawing this comparison is both a great way to make a point as well as highlight some of the breweries we love the best here in the U.S. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Alaskan Brewing Company, Juneau, Alaska

Odell Brewing, Fort Collins, CO

Full Sail Brewing, Hood River, OR

SweetWater Brewing, Atlanta, GA

Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood, NY

Deschutes Brewing, Bend, OR

Palmetto Brewing, Charleston, SC

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