Salesfusion Acquires LoopFuse!

January 30th, 2014 by Robert Pease

We are extremely excited to announce that LoopFuse has been acquired by Salesfusion!

Salesfusion is a marketing automation leader whose stated mission is “to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships.”

We couldn’t agree more and are combining to pursue this mission together.  The team at Salesfusion is amazing and this allows us to continue our focus on making better marketers and building cool technology to accomplish that goal.

Read more about this from Salesfusion CEO Christian Nahas on the Salesfusion blog.

What this means for our customers:

  • Access to features you’ve been requesting including landing pages, A/B testing, and pre-built templates for both landing pages and email campaigns.

  • Event management functionality for both off-line and on-line events including integration with both GotoMeeting and WebEx.

  • Customer report building and advanced analytics.

  • Support for more CRM systems including MS Dynamics, Saleslogix, SugarCRM in addition to

  • More resources, client services, and marketing expertise available to help you build your business.

Thanks for supporting us over the years and stay tuned for more exciting news from Salesfusion.

Keep an eye on the Salesfusion blog going forward and be sure to connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Interested in seeing a Salesfusion demo and learning more about what we are working on?  Sign up here and we’ll set it up!


Robert Pease, CEO

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