Sales Alerts, its all about timing

November 12th, 2007 by Roy Russo

In the last LoopFuse release, we added sale alerts per a customer’s request. This new feature would allow sales persons to be notified via e-mail if any lead they owned visited their web site or opened an e-mail from them (immediately after the event occurred). I admit, I didn’t fully understand why it was so important for the sales person to be notified in real time, but as the saying goes, the customer is always right.

Recently I was on a call with the same customer about some of the other new features we had added. I felt compelled to ask about why it was so important that they know about lead activity as it was happening. He proceeded to tell me about a lead that he been trying to reach for a week. He had left voice mail, sent e-mails, etc. and could never get in touch with his lead. Then a few days later (thinking the lead had gone cold), he got an e-mail alert that his lead was on their web site at that very moment. He immediately called the lead, knowing that the lead was at his desk and thinking about his company. His lead picked up the phone and he was able to engage his lead and start a meaningful conversation about the value his company could provide to the lead.

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