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Building the business case for marketing automation

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Marketing budgets are limited and always smaller than we’d like them to be in a perfect world.  As a result, marketers have to make hard decisions about what to invest in and how much to invest along with an understanding of the expected return on that investment.

The decision to invest in marketing automation requires the same scrutiny both in terms of whether it is appropriate for your business and will it deliver a return greater than your investment.

We think these questions and the resulting business case are easy to address with LoopFuse.  Why?

  1. We offer an unlimited time free trial that provides the ultimate “try before you buy” experience.  You experience the product directly and we are here to help with tutorials, demos, help content, and direct support from our team.  Our free trial version has all the capabilities of our paid versions minus our Webservice API.  If you need to test that piece of the product, we’re happy to enable it for a limited time.
  2. One of the fastest paybacks in the industry with plans that start at just $295 per month.  The efficiencies gained by implementing a simple email drip campaign, scoring leads to better prioritize sales outreach, and just knowing more about your prospects (site visits, referral sources, etc.) more than justifies this monthly investment.  We deliver a lot of bang for the buck!
  3. A lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with no need for long and expensive implementations or additional staff to manage the system day-to-day.  Our customers are up and running in hours if not minutes (see #1 above) and we don’t believe you need to hire a dedicated “marketing automation administrator”  to manage LoopFuse.  Anyone on your marketing (or sales) team can be a power user with limited training and we become an extension of your marketing team and lead management efforts vs. adding overhead costs.  We even offer affordable QuickStart packages to get you up and running that start at just $500.

So there you have it.  Build your business case for marketing automation by actually using a marketing automation system.  We’re confident you’ll see immediate results and that the business case will almost write itself!

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Our customers say it best – ISM Automation

Friday, November 30th, 2012

We love to hear from our customers and love even more to feature them here on our blog.  ISM Automation is one of those customers and Tim Ventura had this to say about his LoopFuse experience:

“Loopfuse is easy to setup & use, and provides a rich feature set with valuable tools that will benefit the marketing efforts of just about any business. While Loopfuse provides detailed help & user support, I was able to set it up & actually send campaigns using only basic tooltips – which helped my firm to instantly start seeing value from it without the normal learning-curve for new software.

Loopfuse is particularly well suited to users migrating from traditional email platforms, and the process of importing my existing email list was an easy, automated process that took only a few minutes to complete. Additionally, as a free-package user who migrated to a paid plan, I found that upgrading was a snap and the Loopfuse team provided stellar support, service, and turnaround time in getting us into the new plan.

I’d recommend Loopfuse to any small business looking to get started in marketing automation without the financial or time investment required by the competition.

Thanks Tim!

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Want a 178% increase in deals? MarketingSherpa lays out the ROI of marketing automation in an Opsview case study

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

We announced the great results Opsview experienced from their LoopFuse deployment some time ago.  The team there is awesome and even put together a “Marketing Automation Blueprint” detailing how they use LoopFuse with

Now we can add a case study by the smart folks at MarketingSherpa to the mix.

Read the whole thing here:

Marketing Automation Case Study: One marketer’s 5 step process from vendor selection to a 178% increase in deals

“For the B2B marketer, the sale is often complex, the sales cycle can be long, and the number of leads throughout the pipeline can be simply massive. It can be daunting, but marketing automation software is a tool that can get the whole marketing effort under control.”

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9 ways to make the case for marketing automation software

Monday, November 7th, 2011

This is a guest post by Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing. Read more on his Matt on Marketing blog.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to buy software. It’s a means to an ends, and often the path from cost to revenue impact isn’t always clear. Even with marketing automation software, whose inherent intention is to make your marketing efforts both more streamlined (lower cost) and more effective (higher sales pipeline output), it can be difficult to carve out the dollars necessary to get rolling.

If others in your group or organization need convincing to give marketing automation software a go, here are nine proven ways to get the thumbs-up. (more…)

The bottom line for marketing automation

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

So, what’s the bottom line for marketing automation? Does it work? Is it worth it?  Check out our press release today and you’ll see the answer is undeniably YES! (more…)