Replay of email lead nurturing training session [Video]

August 10th, 2012 by Robert Pease

We had a great session yesterday covering a quick product overview and then a deep dive into email lead nurturing.  We showed a pretty simple email drip campaign and then proceeded to a more advanced LoopFuse + nurture flow driven by where a prospect is in the sales cycle.  If you want to skip the product overview, the lead nurturing training starts right around 16:00 in the video below. Click here to start at that point.

The key is to start with the process and know the opportune moments to engage with your prospects. Once you have that mapped out, then start with simple lead flow and grow from there.  There is a great deal of flexibility in our lead flows so start with what you know and go from there.


Want to get started with email lead nurturing?  Read this post on a Simple Lead Nurturing Example for Every Business. Want to set one up in LoopFuse?  Read this post on Setting Up a Simple Email Drip Campaign.  Ready for more advanced lead nurturing that includes conditions, mapping to stage of the sales pipeline, and other prospect activity?  Check out A Little Lead Flow Love: Setting Up Your Lead Nurturing Email Program.

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