Real-Time Reaction

November 9th, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

Think about how much you forget while surfing the internet. When you are learning about something new or searching for something you are not quite sure exists yet, you may navigate a multitude of pages until you hone in on your desired content.

If all the while you are entering and leaving storefronts, valuable content and building blocks of knowledge, you will likely forget more than you remember.  The sheer amount of information becomes irrelevant.  Very few sites are designed to engage and follow up with you.  They stop at creating awareness rather than create a process for you to engage or be nurtured with.

In a Loopfuse environment, you have the perfect opportunity to nurture strangers.  If you have a manual follow-up process, you are too slow for internet time.  If you have an automated buying process, your Loopfuse system can engage strangers and move them further into the funnel.  The intelligence, feedback and system actions which drive a personal, relevant and timely reaction allow you to gain permission.  Scoring, lead flows and content delivery in an orchestrated manner convert strangers into friends when designed effectively.

The information highway is extremely busy every day.  If you engage the traffic with Loopfuse automation, you have the opportunity to move from blurry images to leads looking for information to pertinent and memorable value pieces in their eventual buying decision.

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