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Loopfuse Raises Marketing Automation Bar On CRM Integration With Easy-To-Configure CRM Wizard

Simplified CRM Integration Helps Businesses Combine Leads from Marketing with their CRM Solution in a Matter of Minutes to Drive More Efficient Sales Cycles

ATLANTA, GA, December 10, 2009 – LoopFuse, a leader in sales and marketing automation for business-to-business customers, today announced its CRM Integration Wizard, a powerful addition to its flagship offering, LoopFuse OneView™, which provides businesses with easy-to-configure CRM integration. LoopFuse’s new CRM Integration Wizard enables Marketing staff to kick-start their CRM integration by themselves, without having to rely on IT staff or wade through lengthy implementation manuals, or take the historical approach of spending additional budget in costly consulting engagements. LoopFuse’s new integration capability helps businesses leverage marketing and CRM application functionality immediately to expedite the focus on revenue generation.

CRM integration serves as a critical element of any marketing automation system. With LoopFuse’s easy-to-use integration wizard, companies can empower their Marketing team to sidestep the integration roadblock, so they can instead contribute immediately to helping Sales close deals and add to the company’s top-line. A recent Forrester research report on marketing automation vendors highlighted that lack of innovation and easy-to-use features are key causes behind the low 2-5% adoption rate of marketing automation solutions.

A typical CRM integration takes several days and often involves consulting with vendors, dealing with trouble tickets, and leafing through lengthy documentation manuals. LoopFuse’s CRM Integration Wizard, on the other hand, is a simple 4-step, event-driven process that walks users through a process that typically takes 5-minutes or less. The wizard validates each step of the way, ensuring users that they are on the right track from set up, to connecting the two systems together, to data mapping, to synchronization of leads. Users can initiate advanced settings with the friendly user-interface or get additional support and information from contextual articles or community-driven knowledgebase links that are readily available throughout the process.

Upon completion, users have a baseline CRM integration completed, so that they can immediately sync their marketing automation database and get leads flowing into the CRM system, initiate email campaigns, develop a nurturing program for all prospects and leads without delays, etc. LoopFuse is the first marketing automation vendor to provide an easy-to-use, invaluable tool that eliminates the hassles, delays and complexity of getting marketing automation to work quickly with a company’s existing CRM system such as Salesforce.com or SugarCRM.

“LoopFuse is committed to providing our customers with easy-to-use products that eliminate unnecessary complexity affecting the revenue potential across companies of all sizes,” said Matt Quinlan, vice president of Field Operations. “Our CRM Integration Wizard underscores this commitment and enables our customers to sidestep the modus operandi of manual-driven or expensive integration consulting engagements, so that they can instead focus on driving business.”

“Simplifying the integration process between a company’s CRM and their marketing automation solution is something executives have been demanding. Kudos to LoopFuse for listening to the market’s need and for eliminating a roadblock in getting the marketing automation initiatives up and running. LoopFuse’s CRM Integration Wizard allows non-IT folks in Sales and Marketing to complete basic integration in minutes so that they can get to the business of driving leads and closing deals faster without the need for IT support,” noted Marcus Tewksbury, Principal Analyst of TheMarketingMojo.

LoopFuse’s CRM Integration Wizard is available immediately. Business-to-business companies that are interested in trying a fully-functioning version of LoopFuse’s OneView solution can click here to sign-up for a free, no-hassles, 15-day demo trial (http://trial.loopfuse.com/).

About LoopFuse
LoopFuse is a leading provider of on-demand sales and marketing automation solutions designed to close the loop between sales and marketing. Business-to-business customers leveraging LoopFuse achieve 50 percent more productivity from the sales and marketing organizations by efficiently scoring leads in the CRM (Salesforce.com or SugarCRM), assigning the leads to the most appropriate sales team, nurturing the leads to ensure they remain warm throughout the pipeline process and measuring the effectiveness of the sales funnel through reporting. LoopFuse provides organizations with the ability to build higher yielding pipelines, more efficient marketing departments and more effective sales—all resulting in increased revenue. LoopFuse is a private company funded by True Ventures. For more information on LoopFuse, please visit http://www.loopfuse.com or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/loopfuse.

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