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September 28th, 2011 by Robert Pease

Lauren Carlson, who is a CRM Market Analyst at Software Advice, recently shared results from a “what do you wish you had asked your marketing automation vendor” survey.  Lauren is great and very proactive in the way she engages and shares her research so we wanted to point it out on our blog as well as invite these questions from anyone contemplating using marketing automation (or having buyer’s remorse after purchasing another solution).

LoopFuse is pretty unique among the options that automate marketing.  How so?

  • We offer a free version to allow our customers to try before they buy as well as smaller companies with big aspirations can use the free version until their prospect lists or site traffic grows.  Even then we are extremely competitive with our pricing – we want to be part of your success and not just another technology vendor.
  • We are deeply integrated with so those customers with the greatest success on our platform use for their CRM needs.  No doubt there are other CRM products out there (MS Dynamics, Netsuite, Oracle, etc.) but we are focused and committed to and their customers at this point.  We haven’t ruled out supporting other systems in the future but we like being able to focus on to deliver as tightly integrated marketing automation to CRM system experience as possible vs. spreading ourselves too thin or creating weak integration in the pursuit of adding logos to our partner page.  We have found that taking the step to centralize, organize, and monitor sales pipeline performance is an important indicator about how successful a marketing automation deployment will be.  Remember – technology is just an enabler, you need to design an integrated marketing to sales process first.  This doesn’t have to be complex but at least connect the dots to understand what happens when a lead is captured, what the follow up options are, and how sales engages on each opportunity.
  • We focus on small and medium-sized businesses with the goal of providing sophisticated marketing automation without the overhead, cost, and headache of systems designed for extremely large companies and serious complexity.  We actually have many customers who are departments within larger companies who were looking for a straight-forward and easy to manage approach to lead nurturing.

So, please make a point to read Lauren’s “top 10 questions you wish you’d asked your marketing automation vendor” and then check us out.  We’re happy to answer these questions and any others you may have.

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