Put Twitter lead generation cards to work with LoopFuse marketing automation

July 1st, 2013 by Robert Pease

Twitter recently launched Twitter Cards for Lead Generation to give marketers an additional tool for lead generation via social media.  Twitter Cards provide an enhanced content experience as well as a simple one click “sign up” for Twitter users to take advantage of a promotion, offer, or other type of call to action.

We’re strong believers in the lead generation possibilities of social media as evidenced by our Nearstream social campaigns to identify, engage, and capture demand signals from Twitter (you can find this under Campaign>Social Campaigns in the LoopFuse product menu).

So we’ve put together a quick “how to” video and additional instructions on how to connect Twitter Cards to LoopFuse to capture these leads and put our nurturing, scoring, and CRM integration capabilities to work.  We’ve also added the detailed instructions posted below to our support site so you can reference them there as well.

Twitter Cards are a feature that allow you to capture leads directly from your Twitter stream. One click allows you to capture their name, email address, and twitter handle just as you would a regular Form registration. We’ll need to set up a Lead Capture Form in LoopFuse and use information unique to that form to set up the Twitter Card.

Set up the Lead Capture Form

We can use the wizard to set up the new form for this Twitter Card. Go to Prospect Management -> Lead Capture Forms, and click on the wizard.

Choose the option for “New form not found on my website”. Click “Next Step”.

Give the form a name. Choose to “Re-Route to a Thank-You page” and provide a URL. This setting really won’t matter much because of the way things will be submitted to us from Twitter, but you need to supply something in these fields for the wizard to continue. Add these registrations to a list and choose whether to Export to CRM or not (your choice depending on your business needs).

Manually map out three fields that are coming from Twitter. Keep in mind that the names we use on the left under “Form Field Name” will be what the field is called in Twitter. The name on the right is the field name in LoopFuse. You may need to set up some custom LoopFuse Fields before you create this form if you want the information passed on to Salesforce. For this example I used “email”, “twitterName”, and “twitterHandle”. Click on “Save Form” when done.

The final step of the wizard will let you click in to the form itself:

Click on “View HTML” to see details that we’ll need in Twitter. Leave this window open so you can get the information later.

Add or Edit a Twitter Card – Enable it to capture leads in LoopFuse

Go to your Twitter Ads account (http://ads.twitter.com) and access your cards. Create a new card or edit an existing one. Edit the Card Content as needed. Under the Technical Settings is where we will connect the card to your OneView account.

Here are the settings you will need for this section:

  • Choose POST as the submit method (it should be the default)
  • Input the submit URL – lfov.net/webrecorder/f
  • Put in your Fallback URL
    A Twitter Card has an end goal when deployed, a call to action where you want users to end up when they click. Make sure to use that URL in the Fallback URL section for best results. You will still get their basic information captured automatically but this may be a good opportunity to get more information from them if they are interested.
  • Link to your Privacy Policy

Next we’ll add values that will get sent to LoopFuse when someone clicks on Card.

  • In our example above, Name was to be submitted to the form as “twitterName”. It can be whatever as long as this value under “Custom Key Name” matches the value under “Form Field Name” in LoopFuse. Fill in all three fields to match the LoopFuse values.
  • Reference your form in LoopFuse for the “Custom Hidden Data Values”. From your form properties, click on  “View HTML”. Look for “formid” and “cid”

Once you put the values in these fields, accept the terms, and save the card, a test registration will be sent to your account.

Check your LoopFuse account for the registration. Once you verify that it is there you can check the box that you received the data. Once you’ve acknowledged receipt of the data you can use your card!

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