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Prospect Tracking

Prospect Tracking

  • Track Prospect page view history.
  • Prospect Dashboard for consolidated view of activity.
  • Track visitors from anonymous to identified.
  • View lead flow activity and history.
  • Track Email Campaign interaction.
  • Quickly link to their Salesforce.com record.

Build a Profile

Use the Prospect Dashboard to see page view history, email campaigns sent, lead flow activity, and other interactions they’ve had with your system.

Referring Source

Whether from a search engine or another URL, see which sites are sending you the most traffic. Use that information to focus market spend.

Visitor Tracking

Get information on visiting companies and individuals associated with them. Scheduled reports can keep your team informed as to who has shown interest.

Returning Visitors
Instantly view identified prospects that are returning to your website. See what they’re looking at to better gauge their interest in your products and services.

Web Analytics
Analyze up-to-the-minute charts and reports on website activity that provide a complete view of all visitor activity across an unlimited number of website properties or domains.

Filtered Traffic
Filter out internal traffic to keep your own hits from polluting analytics data. Filter specific domains or even IP ranges to make sure you are only getting the results you desire.

Prospect Dashboard
Comprehensive view of all the information associated with a specific prospect or CRM Lead/Contact. This prospect marketing dashboard includes all tracked activities, including: web pages viewed, company information, email campaign activities, lead capture forms submitted, and CRM activities.

Anonymous Visitor Tracking
See visiting companies and anonymous visitors associated with them in one dashboard. When someone raises thier hand and identifies themselves, we’ll roll up any historical tracking data and associate it with the newly identified prospect.