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WordPress Plugin 2.0

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

We released a WordPress plugin for LoopFuse back in late May. Since then we’ve had a lot happen with the release of FreeView and then the announcement of our Partner program. We’ve now been able to revisit that plugin and add functionality to it.

The basic purpose of the plugin remains the same. You can still add your Customer ID to the settings page and instantly have the Tracking Beacon installed on your site without having to edit the template for your site. With this plug-in, instrumenting the tracking beacon doesn’t require you to seek out your web designer to start collecting data on visiting prospects. This allows you to kick-start your marketing automation process immediately.

The new version of the plugin now offers integration with the popular WordPress forms plugin, Contact Form 7. Rather than re-invent an entire suite of functionality found in many forms plugins we decided to leverage the power, convenience, and feature set of an existing popular forms plugin. Now you can create a form within OneView and get it on to your WordPress site ready to capture data without having to know HTML. Simply provide the formID, action URL, and form name to the LoopFuse OneView plugin and that information becomes available for use inside of the Contact Form 7 forms plugin. Once the information is tied together you start to capture leads that fill out that form in your OneView account.

As WordPress continues to grow in popularity as a base for websites that are more than just blogs, we hope that our OneView plugin makes integrating your marketing automation efforts in to your site as easy as possible.

LoopFuse Integration for Drupal 6.x released

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We’ve had several requests for better LoopFuse integration with Drupal CMS version 6.x. LoopFuse has heard the call and has released an initial 6.x version of the “LoopFuse Integration” project.

The objective of a CMS is to make developing your website less complicated. Having to modify the themes and pages of a Drupal integration directly to accommodate the requirements of LoopFuse’s tracking beacon was essentially defeating the purpose of the CMS. With this module you simply add your CustomerID to the admin section and enable it. The tracking code is then automatically inserted in to the footer of your site, just above the Google Analytics code (if you use it).

We looked at the requirements that customers had asked for in a Drupal integration and decided to start from the ground up for version 6.x. Rather than re-invent the webform we’ve decided to integrate with the popular and actively maintained Webform plugin ( This allows you to take advantage of many Webform options while still being able to submit your information to OneView. Integrating with Webform will make migration to Drupal 7 easier as well.

We do plan to add some extra functionality in the near future to help support the capture of User registration. We hope you find the module to be useful and we welcome any suggested improvements the community may have. Get started with a FreeView account and see how LoopFuse can make Marketing Automation work for your Drupal site.

OneView Plugin for WordPress

Friday, May 28th, 2010

As companies look for comprehensive CMS website solutions, a site powered by WordPress is an increasingly popular option. They find that WordPress sites are flexible and powerful enough to serve their business needs at the right cost.

With that in mind, LoopFuse is happy to announce that we have made the process of incorporating our tracking code in to your WordPress website very simple. The LoopFuse OneView plug-in for WordPress allows you to quickly instrument your website to take full advantage of OneView without having to edit the template directly. This makes instrumentation much faster and easier.

Simply enter your Customer ID in to your WordPress settings screen to enable the LoopFuse OneView tracking code on each page of your site. You’re now collecting data on visiting prospects and ready to use that information to help qualify Prospects and Leads.

Drupal / LoopFuse Integration Module Released

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Today, our friends at Drupal announced the release of the LoopFuse OneView integration module for Drupal. The module, now available from the Drupal website, allows for pluggable integration between the Drupal CMS and the LoopFuse OneView Marketing and Sales Automation platforms. This is a natural pairing for two technologies that are widely used throughout the internet – Our products have a considerable overlap in who they appeal to… Marketing and Sales executives.

The original impetus for this module, was started by Chuck D’Antonio under the Acquia umbrella. Much of it came about as Acquia became a LoopFuse customer and felt a tighter integration that would benefit the community would be fruitful. This is OSS, as it was meant to be. I couldn’t agree more. ;-)

Taking the press release at face-value would be a mistake, as there is an important message here, regarding the future direction of both companies. I believe it is evident that Drupal has continuously set itself apart from other Web CMS  by appealing to a more sophisticated crowd. The same is true for LoopFuse. At the same time, however, I would state that both companies have a fair understanding of what it means to have mass appeal… allowing a simple user to get up-and-running in minutes, yet enabling high-end users with unlimited flexbility and scalability. This is a delicate balancing-act for any company, but one that I believe our friends at Drupal/Acquia know very well how to master.