Philosophical Questions of a Marketing Automation Prospect

December 8th, 2011 by Richard Murdock

The holidays are a time of year when people ask themselves deeper and meaningful questions. As I reflected on some of these questions for my own life, I had some overlapping thoughts while working on some support cases here at LoopFuse. I came to the conclusion that there are questions surrounding the existence of a Prospect that every marketer wants to know the answer for.  These are questions that, if answered, can help provide better insight to the marketing/sales pipeline and increase sales effectiveness. Like their philosophical counterparts, these questions can have different answers based on who is asking the question but, unlike them, these questions can also have specific answers that lead to measurable results.

Where did the Prospect come from?
Identifying the source of your prospects helps you focus on those areas that are most productive. LoopFuse helps you in this area by capturing keyword searches, referring URLs, and even company information to pinpoint the different sources of site traffic.

Who is this Prospect or, what is the worth of this Prospect?
Visiting Company dashboards give you a quick view of who is interested in your site offerings. LoopFuse also captures form submissions and relates that offered information to the prospect’s viewing activity. Combining this information with email campaign activity builds a Prospect profile that can be used to get a better idea of what type of person is interested in your product and how they get to that point.

What is the Prospect doing in my funnel?
LoopFuse gives you dashboards that help you see what a prospect is doing within the marketing/sales funnel. The Email Marketing dashboard provides insight as to open and click rates on your email campaigns.  The Web Activity dashboard shows traffic on your site and returning known visitors. Lead Capture shows you which forms are the most active and who has filled them out. The CRM Activity dashboard shows you who has been exported to recently.

SaaS companies can make use of our recently added Custom Events to track even more prospect behavior within the product itself. This information can be used to gain insight on what product features are used most which can help refine the product offering. Be sure to catch our Webinar on Dec. 15th for more information on this exciting feature.

Where is the Prospect going?
Prospect activity can be scored according to web page behavior and captured information information. Scoring can be used in nurturing programs that guide a prospect through the desired sales path to becoming a customer. After all, that is the ultimate goal to attracting new prospects: to get them to convert to a satisfied consumer of your product offering. LoopFuse gives you the tools to map out the desired conversion track and guide your Prospects along the journey.

LoopFuse helps you answer those existential Marketing Automation questions that have vexed marketers for quite some time. Sign up and start finding your answers today!

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