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Do you spend your days and nights helping fellow marketers optimize their lead management process or leverage emerging technologies to feed the top of the funnel and drive marketing accountability? If so, we’d like to talk. We’ve put together a killer program and we are looking for a few good marketers. We have a limited number of spots available and are focused on growing through quality, not quantity.

What We Provide

  • We share qualified leads
  • We share revenue (on life of account)
  • We provide tools and support for free
  • We charge zero fees

Passive Income

As a Fuser you will contribute greatly to the long term success of our mutual clients. It is our belief that you should share in that success. We want the program to be simple and we want you to have an ongoing piece of the pie.

To accomplish this, we’ve broken up the earning potential into two buckets. During the 1st year of a new contract you earn 20% of the contract value. For any future years you will then continue to earn a draw. This ongoing passive earn is based upon the number of happy, active customers that you have.

Looking to increase your revenue through passive income?

Active Clients Revenue Share Annual Earning
    Small Medium Large
5 15% $3,150 $11,250 $27,000
24 25% $25,200 $90,000 $216,000
25 35% $36,750 $131,250 $315,000
Prospects Database 10,000 50,000 250,000
Price $350 $1,250 $3,000
*Earning potential based upon 12 month of service based upon the average account size and the number of clients.

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