LoopFuse Enterprise 2.0 Launched

June 18th, 2007 by Roy Russo

The LoopFuse team is proud to announce the launch of our Enterprise Edition 2.0 demand generation solution. Our new Enterprise Edition builds on the existing scalability and features found in our Open Source Edition 1.0 (feature comparison), launched 2 months ago, and adds a complete campaign management suite that encompasses internet, print, and email marketing campaign creation and CRM-to-LoopFuse ROI analytics.

Although we’ve spent the better part of two months creating, testing, refactoring, and testing this new functionality, our customers are already benefiting from its use in our production environment (SaaS offering). In particular, our new email and internet marketing campaign manager, has been accepted with great applause from our customers, as they are able to create campaigns, track campaign performance, and measure the associated ROI via our CRM integration capabilities. So as we say here at LoopFuse, we’re turning marketing from an art, in to a science.

We noted a curious thing with this last release – We keep hearing the same questions from our customer and prospects… “How is it LoopFuse is able to add enterprise features, tested and proven to work in their offering in such short release cycles?“. Answer: “Release early, release often”. Really, nothing innovative here. Its simply the Open Source mantra at work and alive at LoopFuse. While our proprietary competitors tread water, and ask you to empty your wallets for 8+ year-old brittle-ware, we’re busy innovating, innovating, and innovating, by applying open source principles and methodologies to every facet of our products and business (A blog on this topic, coming soon).

Will we be releasing our entire email and marketing campaign management suite in to open source as well? I’ll leave it as an exercise for our competitors to ponder. However, I’d suggest an emergency board meeting huddle to discuss how you plan to compete with free. Just make sure someone brings the kool-aid. ;-)

So enough of my soap box… now for some of the meat in this release:

  • Hierarchical campaign views – allow for grouping and subgrouping of campaigns and their performance.
  • Email Marketing Campaign Manager
    • Email campaign ROI calculator via CRM integration.
    • Browser-based WYSIWYG editor
    • Schedule email campaigns for automated launch.
    • Track email opens, link clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.
  • Internet Campaign Manager
    • Track performance of any internet campaign, ie. AdWords, banner ads, link exchanges, etc…
    • Internet campaign ROI calculator via CRM integration.
  • Traditional (Print) Campaign Manager
    • Track performance of any print campaign, ie. TV ads, billboards, fax, etc…
    • Traditional campaign ROI calculator via CRM integration.

If you’d like to see a feature-by-feature listing of everything available in our Enterprise Edition 2.0, go here. For recorded flash movies, we’ve added a library here, that will be continuously updated.

We’ll be following-up this Enterprise launch with a new release of our Open Source Edition in the coming weeks, and a subsequent new Enterprise Edition release a few weeks after that. (Early/Often)

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