5 Ways Marketing Automation Provides Job Security for Marketers

January 18th, 2010 by Sean Dwyer

Today, we released the Loopfuse whitepaper, 5 Ways Marketing Automation Provides Job Security for Marketers, in an effort to help B2B marketers be more effective within their organizations.  In short, this is a must read for any B2B marketer that is curious about marketing automation, thinking about deploying a marketing automation platform or currently evaluating a marketing automation platform.  Below is the “about the whitepaper” section:

“Expectations for business-to-business (“B2B”) organizations to measure return on marketing investments and to justify marketing decisions have never been greater. New marketing channels, global competition, and rising internal expectations convolute budget allocation and make data driven marketing decisions more important than ever. It feels like the bar is constantly rising…and just out of reach for marketers. These pressures are causing B2B marketing leaders around the globe to evaluate software solutions that help measure marketing programs, validate and optimize budget decisions, and help them articulate the marketing performance to key stakeholders. This paper will review how marketing automation solutions can help B2B marketers automate marketing measurement and analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing programs and validate the pivotal role of marketing in the 21st century.”

I hope you enjoy it.

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