One-To-One Connection

November 2nd, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

If your marketing is trying to “sell” me, I will pick it up easily and quickly.  We have all been trained to recognize marketing.  We have also been trained to put our guard up with suspicion.  After all, talking about how great you are only causes disconnection.  The new economy differentiates between mass marketing and authenticity.  Buyers choose authenticity.

If you want to do it the old way, then build a message for everyone and play the numbers game.  However, such a strategy loses before you even commit the time and costs to implement it.

Today’s winning strategies are focused on one-to-one marketing.  Delivering a personal, relevant and timely message which recognizes preference and individuality connects.  Within the LoopFuse architecture, this strategy can be enabled with list segmentation best practices.  As your buyer moves through various buying processes, your decision tree should deposit the buyer in one or multiple lists for nurturing.  LoopFuse campaigns and Lead Flows which are set up to speak to the buyer’s pain precisely will drive engagement.  This engagement further fosters a connection with your brand and messaging towards the end goal – a “Yes!” to your value proposition.

One-to-many used to work.  That was because the buyer was never empowered with such choice and information as today.  LoopFuse success comes from an attention to connecting with intelligence and precision with the buyer.  It moves you away from a strategy of hope and customizes your marketing to resonate individually.  Such a system becomes a handsomely rewarding asset towards increasing revenue and customer loyalty.

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