Nurturing your prospects with automated leadflows

August 13th, 2010 by Cindy Ryan

Marketing automation tools are very cool. Instead of purchasing 4 or 5 different products to run your marketing programs you only need one – that is pretty powerful. What is even cooler is that LoopFuse is giving someone all this functionality for FREE. I know, where am I going with this – I am supposed to be showing you different use cases, right. I am just setting up the scenario. With the announcement of FreeView we are getting a huge influx of signups. As a software vendor, giving away something for free definitely drives the traffic – we knew this from our previous offering of a free trial. With such a high volume of leads coming in – we needed to build a leadflow that would nurture these leads throughout the “getting started” process.

Our goal with the leadflow was to provide relevant information to our FreeView users in a timely manner as they began their journey with LoopFuse. This would allow our users to receive valuable information on how they could use our product without having a salesperson hassling them through the beginning stages – they are able to get started at their own pace and reach out to us when they needed further assistance – either to upgrade their package or submit questions to our community forums.

Building the leadflow for such a high traffic entry point on our site took away a lot of the manual processes I would have to do on a day to day basis to attempt to stay in front of our FreeView users. Instead we implemented a 28-day leadflow program that was composed of 4 emails sent to the prospect every 7 days until they had completed the LoopFuse set-up.

The information in the email was based on the behavior of the FreeView signup. There are four basic features to implement when getting started with LoopFuse and we all know that signing up for something does not necessarily mean you get to working on it that day. By building this leadflow, I was reminding my FreeView users that they had not yet implemented 1 of the 4 steps to be up and running with LoopFuse’s marketing automation solution. In some cases, they had walked through 3 of the 4 steps but still had one more to go to reap all the benefits. Their email would read “Your are so close” and give them a run down on what they had implemented so far and what last step needed to be completed. Along with this recap would be a link to our knowledgebase where they could find documentation and videos on how to send an email campaign or set up CRM integration. All the information necessary to assist our users in getting up and running was automatically being sent to them in a timely manner and included valuable content.

It is amazing how much lead nurturing can be done behind the scenes with just a little upfront work. We created four emails which were based on where the user was in the implementation process. Next, we created the leadflows, which are as easy as point and click, I just chose the criteria that LoopFuse made available. In each flow we first check to see if this user had requested to no longer have emails sent to them – rule number one – you never want to send information to someone who has requested to be removed from email communication. From there, we set up the flows to look up our prospect in the CRM and check to see which of the 4 steps they had implemented. Based on the prospect’s behavior they would receive one of the 4 emails at each mark during the 28 day period until they were fully configured.

By staying in front of our user, I am able to help push them through the “Getting Started” funnel and the result is more of my users getting all the value possible from our product. Once our FreeView signups were up and running on all 4 cylinders they were able to see the full value of marketing automation. Without any hard sales pitches, our leads were nurtured to the point where they were reaping the benefits of LoopFuse and growing. We now had FreeView signups asking to upgrade their packages so they could add more prospects to their marketing programs. Until next time…

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