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Free Inbound Marketing Automation? 11/15/2010—Gossamar

SMB Tech Roll-up: SMBs Use Social Media Marketing, Palm Pre 2 in US Next Week? 11/04/2010—CMSWire

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Fundamentals of a Volume Market Engine, Fred Holahan 07/2010—Open Source Business Resource

LoopFuse Offers FreeView Marketing Automation Solution 07/07/2010—DemandGen Report

What MSP’s Should Know About B2B Marketing Automation 07/07/2010—Print CEO

What does “Free” mean for marketing automation? 07/06/2010—TheMarketingMojo

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LoopFuse Removes the Budget Barrier from Marketing Automation 06/30/2010—SYS-CON Media

LoopFuse Ignites Freemium Strategy 06/30/2010—Open Channels

Self-service Sales Funnels 06/14/2010—Enterprise Irregulars

Best Marketing Automation Companies – June 2010 06/2010—topseos

topseos Ranks The Best Marketing Automation Solutions For May 2010 05/18/2010—topseos

Loopfuse Announces New SalesForce.com Plug-In 04/27/2010—eCRM Guide

Loopfuse Adds New Salesforce.com Plug-in For Real-Time Lead Data 04/27/2010—DemandGen Report

How Much Venture Capital Should You Raise For Your SaaS Venture? 02/12/2010—ReadWriteStart

Loopfuse Helps Marketing With Easy-To-Configure CRM Wizard 02/12/2010—CRM Advocate

LoopFuse Raises Marketing Automation Bar On CRM Integration With Easy-To-Configure CRM Configuration Wizard 01/12/2010—CRM Marketplace

New Arrival : CRM Integration Wizard 01/07/2010—eM+C

LoopFuse Launches CRM Integration Tool 12/25/2009—Marketing Automation Now

Advanced CRM Integration Emerges As Key Piece Of MAP Success 12/22/2009—DemandGen Report

Social CRM for Larger Businesses: Customer Communities Could Be Key 12/16/2009—Business Software

Loopfuse Launches New CRM Integration Wizard 12/14/2009—DemandGen Report

LoopFuse Releases OneView Add-On 12/10/2009—SalesandMarketing.com

Integrating Open Source with CLM Improves ROI and Customer Satisfaction 11/30/2009—TMCnet.com

2009 Open Source Best Practices: Why CLM is Transforming the Commercial Open Source Industry 11/23/2009—CIO.com

Reconfiguring Marketing’s Flat Funnel 10/2/2009—SalesandMarketing.com

LoopFuse Integrates Social CRM Portal Into OneView Suite 9/8/2009—DemandGen Report

LoopFuse Launches Customer Community Site that Features Social CRM 8/28/2009—CRM Today

LoopFuse Launches Customer Community Site — On-Demand Sales and Marketing Automation Solution unveils fully integrated Social CRM portal 8/26/2009—CRM Daily

LoopFuse Launches Customer Community Site 8/26/2009—The CRM Advocate

What is Loopfuse? – Marketing Automation Who’s Who 8/17/2009—The B2B Lead

OC Macroscope: LoopFuse, Inc. 8/4/2009—Open Channels

Zimbra shortens the lead to sale time with increased automation Web tracking 8/1/2009—Chief Marketer

Less is More: Email collaboration provider Zimbra sheds complexity, opts for simplicity—and achieves better results 8/2009—CRM Magazine

LoopFuse OneView™ Helps Zimbra Raise Sales & Marketing Efficiency by 50 Percent 5/20/2009—CRM Advocate

Fusing the Loop Between Marketing and Sales: Thought Leadership Interview #18 with Matthew Quinlan of LoopFuse 5/7/09—Funnelholic

Loopfuse Gets Series A Funding from True Ventures 2/15/2009—ReadWriteEnterprise

LoopFuse Closes $1.4 Million in Series A Funding, Lands New CEO 2/11/2009—PR Web

Loopfuse and Acquia Bring Marketing Automation to Drupal 7/23/2008—CMSWire

Open Enterprise Interview with Roy Russo, Loopfuse 6/30/2008—ComputerworldUK

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Can LoopFuse crack the open source conversion conundrum? 1/25/2008—451 Group

JBoss alumni launch open-source start-up 1/25/2008—IDG

Dennis Byron’s Open Source Series: Talking to… Loopfuse 8/10/2007—eBizQ

LoopFuse OneView On-Demand 2.0 Launched 6/18/2007

Former JBoss Insiders Form LoopFuse 4/20/2007

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  • Marketing Automation Is A Salesperson
    Thu, 30 Dec 2010 17:42:03 +0000
    Many of your customers are not ready to buy when they first meet you. They are in the research and education phase of their buying process. If you are a sales organization, your process typically revolves heavily around selling to ready customers. The lens becomes narrowly focused on who is ready…
  • B2B Marketing Automation predictions for 2011
    Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:21:53 +0000
    It’s that time of the year again – when I throw seashells on the ground and translate the wisdom of the Gods regarding what is coming for the new year in marketing automation. 2010 was a banner-year for LoopFuse, and I forsee it being an even better year in 2011 for us… but this blog…
  • How To Automate The High Fidelity Sale
    Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:14:30 +0000
    In Kevin Maney?s book, Trade-Off, Why Some Things Catch On And Others Don?t, we learn about two categories of products and businesses ? Fidelity and Convenience. High fidelity businesses are inconvenient. They typically have cachet and price points which make it more desirable for upper end buyers…
  • 3 Marketing Automation Strategies Using Loopfuse
    Thu, 16 Dec 2010 20:18:03 +0000
    The promise of marketing automation is to create a repeatable, predictable process for nurturing unready leads. In so doing, you gain the advantage of creating an automated funnel. Your leads become ready for your sales process and in turn, previously neglected leads become valuable for a continuous…
  • Looking Forward: LoopFuse OneView 3.29
    Wed, 15 Dec 2010 21:33:10 +0000
    This coming weekend (Dec 18th), we will be releasing LoopFuse OneView v3.29. The coming release focuses on adding Conversion Analytics to our existing Lead Capture Forms, and Inbound Marketing / Search Engine Marketing functionality. These new features enable marketers to analyze which referring sites…
  • Inbound Marketing With Loopfuse
    Fri, 10 Dec 2010 16:14:11 +0000