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Loopfuse Introduces New Salesforce.Com Plug-In That Provides Sales Personnel With Real-Time Activity On Each Lead Or Contact

Enhanced Salesforce.com Integration Enables Sales Personnel to Focus on Most Valuable Leads For Faster Revenue Generation

ATLANTA, GA, April 20, 2010 LoopFuse, a leader in sales and marketing automation for business-to-business customers, today announced a new add-on to its LoopFuse OneView™ flagship offering. LoopFuse’s OneView Prospect Activity SalesForce.com Plug-In provides real-time activity information for its customers on any lead or contact in their database, enabling salespeople to rapidly assess the quality of each sales lead at-a-glance, so that they can focus on the most important ones, leading to faster revenue generation.

Hosted on SalesForce.com’s AppExchange marketplace, LoopFuse’s new plug-in is free but requires a LoopFuse OneView account. A simple installation wizard guides users so they can quickly add LoopFuse’s plug-in to SalesForce.com with just a few clicks.

Leveraging its proprietary algorithm, LoopFuse’s plug-in works by pulling in real-time data and presenting sales personnel with up-to-the-second information to supplement what is already provided on the SaleForce.com’s account Lead page or Contact page. Additionally, LoopFuse’s plug-in rates and provides a marketing grade of each lead or contact’s 90-day activity level, so that the salesperson can immediately glance at the value assigned to each lead. Some of the activity measured and rated by LoopFuse’s plug-in includes:

  • The number of page views visited on the site
  • The number of lead capture forms submitted
  • The number of opens and clicks on all email marketing campaigns

“Increasingly, sales and marketing professionals have come to want and expect the availability of real-time information to help them with better decision-making across the board. We’re pleased to be able to support our customers with this important new functionality that helps them achieve faster revenue generation,” noted Sean Dwyer, president and CEO of LoopFuse.

LoopFuse’s flagship offering, LoopFuse OneView, provides sales and marketing automation to help companies more effectively accelerate lead conversion, advance sales cycles, and increase company revenue. Customers leverage LoopFuse’s integrated marketing and CRM solution to help sales teams close deals and generate revenue faster. LoopFuse is the first marketing automation vendor to provide an easy-to-use tool that eliminates the hassles, delays and complexities of getting marketing automation to work quickly with a company’s existing CRM system (Salesforce.com or SugarCRM).

About LoopFuse
LoopFuse is a leading provider of on-demand sales and marketing automation solutions designed to close the loop between sales and marketing. Business-to-business customers leveraging LoopFuse achieve 50 percent more productivity from the sales and marketing organizations by efficiently scoring leads in their CRM (Salesforce.com or SugarCRM) solution. LoopFuse provides organizations with the ability to build higher yielding pipelines, more efficient marketing departments and more effective sales – all resulting in increased revenue. LoopFuse is a private company funded by True Ventures. For more information on LoopFuse, please visit www.loopfuse.com or follow us on Twitter.

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