Lead Nurturing Campaigns For New Site Visitors

March 4th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Loopfuse lead nurturing can help create a sales pipeline which never expires.  As your site visitors are attracted from your inbound marketing or outbound sales efforts, use Loopfuse to capture leads via web forms for compelling value in the form of content.  This middle of the funnel approach continually brings value and builds trust with your prospective buyers before they decide to engage your sales process.

Consider the following three campaigns to implement as general marketing automation campaigns within Loopfuse to start.

Campaign 1: Educating The Buyer

Early in the buying process, prospects are looking for information to become educated.  While you may be thinking of your goods or services hundreds of hours a week, your buyer may only have thought about it once in the last year.  Don’t assume they understand how your market works.  They buy things all the time and you are one item on their list.

Within Loopfuse, your lead flow can deliver sequential educational materials which help them to understand what you do.  If they were to have a discussion with you, they should be able to speak intelligibly, and therefore, comfortably.  This is a form of trust building.

Your campaign can include video, white papers, E-books and interactive questionnaires to reinforce learning.  In our Loopfuse consulting, we map out such a campaign with the goal of helping the buyer understand a specific topic and gain value in knowledge.  This is done while positioning your brand to be the thought leader and expert in your space.

Campaign 2: Case Studies and Success Stories

We are attracted to story.  In the book, Made To Stick, the art of enduring and influential content is based in story telling.  The elements for how to tell your story needs to be simple, unique, and concrete among several attributes the authors outline.  Your goal is to help the buyer identify with your brand by seeing similar problems others have faced and how your company solved them.

Deliver these with choices in the Loopfuse Lead Flow.  Designing the decision tree to deliver relevant stories over a period of time based on the buyer profile makes the appeal and connection with the buyer more intimate.  Your case studies are now dynamic rather than static.

Be sure to use the lead scoring to gauge interest and drive the right triggers with sales if there is a high score warranting contact.

Campaign 3: Action Campaigns

To be recognized as a thought leader, a campaign helping the buyer take action in a sequential way keeps them engaged and makes them feel empowered.  Your campaign emails can lead to a visual progress meter which helps them see their actions in the context of an eventual goal.  Such campaigns can be about preparing the environment for your product or service before they engage you to how to build a system for marketing before they buy your software.

Your tutorial should take advantage of multimedia that creates engagement.  Our Loopfuse customers will have a mix of video, flash paper, audio, blogs, social media and other media that makes an impact.

Keep your lead scoring tuned into the actions your buyer takes.  Ensure each communication piece has a specific and clear way to measure the action taken.

Presenting The Marketing Automation Pathways

A marketing automation strategy continues to grow as you discover ways to bring value to an unready buyer.  Keep an eye out for what your buyers are doing and you can create more campaigns to choose from based on where the buyer is at.

The goal is to make it simple and build trust by delivering value first and consistently.  Your marketing automation campaigns become part of your sales engagement and help to prepare the buyer for the sale.

What are some campaigns you can envision for your unready buyers that would be valuable?  Feel free to comment below.

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