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Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

  • Up-To-The-Minute reports on all marketing activities.
  • Configure marketing dashboard report time-range.
  • Personalize refresh period for real-time charts.
  • Eye-popping marketing dashboard charts and graphs.
  • Drill-down in to campaigns, companies, and prospects.
  • Real-Time Visiting Companies Dashboard.

Measure in Real-Time

Dashboards provide a real-time, up-to-the-minute view across all of your Marketing activities and touchpoints with prospects and CRM Leads and Contacts.

Configurable Settings

Personalize your dashboard settings to refresh after a few minutes and the time-range of activity it should include.

Visiting Companies

View a complete profile of all companies visiting your website, with the ability to drill-down in to each for a comprehensive historic view of the account.

Marketing Dashboard
In-depth historic view of a visiting company that includes: a list of visitors from that company (anonymous visitors are included), historical activity chart, one-click access to 3rd-party Company information directories (Jigsaw, ZoomInfo, Hoovers) and news articles related to the target company, summary of all tracked data that LoopFuse has recorded over time by this company.

eMarketing Dashboard
Auto-refreshing list of all email marketing campaign sent and their corresponding response rates. Charts provide an aggregate measure of open and click rates across your email marketing campaigns.

Web Analytics
Analyze up-to-the-minute charts and reports on website activity that provide a complete view of all visitor activity across an unlimited number of website properties or domains.

CRM Activity
Examine all Leads funneled-through and created within your CRM over a specific time-range. Drill-down into particular Leads for a comprehensive view of that Lead’s activities and overall quality.

Prospect Dashboard
Comprehensive view of all the information associated with a specific prospect or CRM Lead/Contact. This prospect marketing dashboard includes all tracked activities, including: web pages viewed, company information, email campaign activities, lead capture forms submitted, and CRM activities.

Auto-Refresh Settings
We wouldn’t be a Marketing Automation company if you had to constantly refresh your screen to view real-time data. Our configurable settings enable you to view your marketing dashboard as you’d like to and your web browser will auto-refresh the data for you. No clicking required.

Returning Visitors
Instantly view identified prospects that are returning to your website. See what they’re looking at to better gauge their interest in your products and services.

Lead Capture
Stay on top of prospects filling-out Lead Capture Forms and the data they’re providing. This lead marketing dashboard provides in-depth knowledge on the quantity and quality of the contact information entering your database.