Marketing Automation With Content Relevance

January 24th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Marketing automation effectiveness with Loopfuse will largely depend on your ability to create remarkable content.  This content syndicates on the internet through search and social media.  It is the building block for getting found and driving the automation processes which your Loopfuse system supports.

Measuring Relevance And Effectiveness

Each of the pages you create on your landing site contribute to authority on the internet.  This authority can be seen in the pages which are visited most frequently.  Within the Loopfuse interface, your Content Marketing menu which is found in the toolbar as such gives a key marketing automation metric:

Within this real-time reporting metric, you will find the most relevant pages your visitors are reviewing which your Loopfuse beacon code is anchored to.  The information provided gives a pulse of what is interesting to your visitors and driving their initial and ongoing interests.

Content Marketing

Further Driving The Funnel

Your sales funnel will start broadly with an awareness and interest.  The content pieces your landing site contains needs to drive a next actionable step.  This typically results in another landing page which needs to be designed as part of the Lead Flow of your pre-designed funnel.  If the buyer does not move to this next step, then automate the nurturing emails or other content pieces offered on the page as part of the logic tree which eventually leads to the desirable next step.

Your view of the content marketing will help to focus how your automation campaigns need to be refined.  You will be able to see what is driving engagement and readership.  The segue into your next offers or further getting to know the buyer becomes consequential from the analysis.

Loopfuse Best Practice

In our marketing automation consulting, we are continually refining the initial designs of marketing campaigns and lead flows based on the rich data being supplied by Loopfuse.  Assume that your system will miss the mark.  Continually analyzing the data that the Loopfuse system is providing will help you in the hard work of iteration and targeting the repeatable buying process you are seeking.

Content marketing demands a focus on what is resonating with your buyer and continually driving the Loopfuse system to cater to their interests until they convert.  Fill the gaps in and use the content marketing metrics with a relentless pursuit of connecting and driving your desired marketing automation outcome.

Loopfuse Success


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