Marketing automation is core to an agile marketing plan

August 1st, 2013 by Robert Pease

Agile marketing is all about speed, responsiveness, measurement, and constant iteration to find, attract, close, and retain customers.  That’s much easier to say than to do as many companies struggle with simple A/B testing approaches and work to truly quantify their annual marketing plan.

Marketing automation is a central piece to this because it does much of this work for you….but not without you.

A properly deployed marketing automation system is not a “fire and forget” solution but needs to be monitored and adjusted as you see results and add a level of sophistication and intelligence to your marketing funnel.

We believe marketing automation is central to a modern marketing approach and that all members of the marketing team should understand (and make use of) the marketing automation system be that through running reports, understanding the quality of leads, or applying database marketing approaches through list segmentation, email marketing campaigns, lead nurturing flows, or lead scoring approaches.

Simple “drip” email campaigns are an easy way to make sure no inquiry goes without sales follow up.  Basic lead scoring rules tied to expressions of online interest (viewed a demo, looked at the pricing page, etc.) help prioritize sales opportunities and make the best use of limited sales team bandwidth.

The amount of information available to understand campaign performance, conversion rates, and lead sources as well as to create segmented groups for targeted email messages and offers puts marketing automation at the heart of an agile marketing approach and central to a high performance digital marketing plan.

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