Making Money With Marketing Automation

April 1st, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Marketing automation exists because the rules of marketing have changed.  If you could interrupt prospects and sell hard, then marketing automation would be irrelevant.  The old rules would still apply.

However, buying cycles take longer.  This is because buyers can take their time and evaluate information for themselves until they feel comfortable engaging with your sales process.


You do not have the luxury of seeing what your buyer is doing.  If they are interacting with carefully designed and timed content, then the next steps for nurturing your respective buyer can be taken by your marketing automation campaign.

The decision tree within the lead flow should be structured with timing of communications that trigger from opens, clicks and downloads.  The timing should feel natural and elegantly timed for the prospective buyer.  It should not feel like selling.  It should feel like helping and value.


It’s easy to get a lot of site visitors.  It’s less easy to get leads.  You have to have valuable content which nurtures, enriches and educates the buyer.

It’s even harder to convert a lead to a customer.  Your marketing automation system has everything you need to make this happen.  The design and strategy of your campaigns will dictate whether you can convert the leads you have gained permission with to become customers.  They have to want to connect with you and the call to action should be both concrete and obvious.

Your money will be made from the percolating of leads within well-designed nurturing and scoring.  The feedback you should be getting from your sales team is that closing is easy.  The buyer knew the right questions to ask.  They were ready for the closing conversation.  This is the litmus test of your marketing automation doing the invisible, laborious job of delivering continual high value to your customer while they are working through their buying process.

The money is in the strategies which you measure and refine.

How is marketing automation working to make money for your organization?

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