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LoopFuse Launches Open Trials, Open Pricing.

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Open On-Demand Trials

The LoopFuse Team is proud to announce the availability of our new fully-functional 30-day on-demand trial. With this move, we open the doors to anyone who would like to use OneView On-Demand, for no cost, for 30 days. The hosted trial is fully-functional, allowing organizations to integrate LoopFuse in to their website(s), track analytics, capture leads, manage lists, launch email campaigns, and even export to their CRM…. for 30-days, free.

We’ve strive to make the trial registration process as painless as possible, without any payment obligation or sales person contact.

… and just in case you need help during your trial, we’ve recently revamped our User Guide Documentation and there is always help to be found at our community message boards.

No contracts. No Setup Fees.

We don’t believe in vendor lock-in, and know our customers don’t either. Our new low pricing encompasses no setup fees and no contracts, allowing marketers to use our entire system, after their trial for as little as $99.95 /month. You can cancel at any time without further obligation.

Our new pricing model is in stark contrast to what has become the norm in the marketing automation space: multi-year contracts, no trial offers, inflated pricing, additional setup fees, and all of that for half-working software that has marketers hiring consulting companies just to figure out how to use it. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be this difficult nor break your marketing budget.

Note to our competitors: Your reign of terror over customers is coming to an end… and we’re only getting started. ;-)

Open Source

I won’t comment too much on our Open Source strategy at this, but only to say, within a few weeks you will see a dramatic shift in our OSS strategy. Stay tuned for more. ;-)