Loopfuse Tracking

November 23rd, 2010 by Don Dalrymple

The opportunity to hone in on your prospective buyer in a one-to-one approach versus a one-to-many traditional marketing campaign requires attention to Lead Scoring and tracking. Setting up your system to follow the Loopfuse buyer from initial landing site contact to engagement with your sales and value propositions requires attention to each of the predetermined steps which qualify a buyer for the sales funnel.

Part of the strategy for effective lead tracking is defining what creates meaningful scores.  Here are some which help to separate the interested from the passive within your pipeline:

  • Prospects that read your content
  • Prospects that watch video
  • Prospects that sign up for a drip campaign
  • Visiting your landing site
  • Visiting specific landing pages of meaning
  • Forwarding of a campaign email
  • Purchase page visits

The buying signal each of these buyer actions takes helps to define a more quantitative profile and segment your Loopfuse database.  Using best practices for driving further engagement with those who percolate from a well-defined automated buying process focuses your sales in a timely and effective manner.  Your system is doing the heavy lifting to prepare the right buyers for your value proposition.  Ensure your tracking system is airtight and cohesive.  It is critical for Loopfuse success.

Loopfuse Success

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