Loopfuse Trackable Lead Activity Notifications

June 10th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Living in a real-time world makes feedback and information a premium.  Marketing automation provides the intelligence for your decision making in the sales process as buyer activities are recorded.

A marketing automation strategy to incorporate for higher levels of success in Loopfuse is to enable and leverage trackable lead activities.  At any time, a salesperson can look at a prospect’s record in Loopfuse to see the activities of a past client. The information is just as valuable as outbound sales activities.  It is inbound lead activity information which reveals the interest and buying temperature or prospects.

Salespeople can benefit from email notifications of this very same data.  For example, we set up a sales process for one of our clients using Salesforce.com which enabled lead activity notifications for Lead Owners in Salesforce.com.  One of the key activities is a download and viewing of a specific white paper we developed as part of a Lead Flow process.  When this white paper was downloaded or opened, this triggered an email notification to the respective salesperson on the team.

From there, the salesperson can do one of the following:

  1. Add the person to their Watch List in Loopfuse and continue monitoring
  2. Call the person immediately and invite them to an online meeting
  3. Set a task to reach out when the Lead Score increases from further activity

If a person had enough interest and attention in their buying process to be educated from the offered content, then this signaled someone who is proceeding with interest.  Loopfuse activity notifications kept those such Leads front and center for salespeople wanting to work with the most ready Prospects.

Aligning your sales process using notifications helps your team to work with the most timely prospects.  The marketing automation strategy for your overall campaigns need to be well thought through and integrated.  This is one facet that gives you a strategic advantage around timeliness.

What are some key notifications which you would want to prompt your team with?

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