LoopFuse @ OSBC

May 29th, 2007 by Roy Russo

The LoopFuse team recently returned from a great week in sunny San Francisco, where we day beau ed LoopFuse, One View, 2.0(Beta 1), Enteprise Edition. Our Enterprise Edition builds on the existing reliability of our Open Source Edition and adds a campaign management module for those wishing to track ROI on different types of marketing campaigns. It includes an entire eMail marketing suite and internet-based or print campaign management. I will blog more on Enterprise Edition 2.0, as we get closer to the release date, June 15th, 2007).

Before I get in to the list of highlights, I’ll mention that every discussion concerning JBoss’ growth and final acquisition centered around its marketing/sales force being able to scale efficiently using demand generation technology. I was amazed at the amount of open source companies that don’t have anything like LoopFuse in place. C’mon guys, you have thousands of visitors hitting your website, downloading PDFs, binaries, posting in the forums, reading the wiki, and you have no way of identifying, nurturing, and selling them on your service offering. Demand generation is a natural fit for OSS. This is a no-brainer.

Some show highlights…

  • The show attracted the most notable of open source companies (Mule, Alfresco, SugarCRM, Jaspersoft, ZenOSS, Hyperic, RPath, etc…) yet had more of a businessy nature, ie. this is not a developer conference. It was evident by viewing the presentations that this conference is a must for any open source business to have a presence in. Simply meeting others in your space and learning what works/doesn’t, was enough to justify the expense of getting there (and paying $300/night for a hotel room, while being accosted by the rather abundant homeless presence in SF).
  • Most of the people we met stated that Dave Rosenberg (MuleSource) and I were somehow separated at birth. Dave should be scared. ;-)
  • I was graced with Matt Asay’s presence for 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Yes, he’s on our advisory board, but we have never met in person until then.
  • Matthew Szulik’s (Red Hat) keynote was the usual for Matthew… He is one of the most brilliant speakers I have ever seen (think Ronald Reagan with a touch of JFK), being able to stand up in front of a crowd and hold their attention for the entire duration. Of course, he opened his address with a Red Hat, “Truth Happens“, video on Open Source. Great video. Great speech.
  • I felt bad for the folks at the Microsoft booth. They seemed lonely, so I spent a bit of time chatting with them on Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. That concludes my charitable givings for this year, thanks.
  • Wow, there were a lot of law firms at the show!
  • Our booth was flanked by a law firm on one side and EA Technologies on the other. With those options, its fair to say we became good friends with the guys at EA.
  • The demonstration setup was abysmal – having a speaker address the audience while they’re eating lunch and conducting business talks does not make for a good product demonstration scenario – so Tom and I trashed our demo and created an eye-catching Flash show that was aired after it passed the InfoWorld Censorship Board. You can see the end-product, here.
  • Both, rPath and SnapLogic have some interesting technology, we’ll be looking deeper at. They’re both on my list of most innovative tech in OSS today!

Overall, this was a great show with great presentations in a great location. Kudos to Asay and the InfoWorld team for putting this all together!

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