LoopFuse OneView 3.26 Released!

June 21st, 2010 by Roy Russo

Enhancements in this Release:

The Company Fuse Bar

The Company Dashboard now sports a nifty new feature, we’ve labeled the “Company Fuse Bar”. The Company Fuse Bar is meant to serve as a visual indicator of how your marketing efforts have penetrated a specific company. The key set of metrics used are WebPage visits, Email Campaign opens and clicks, CRM Leads and/or Contacts created, and Lead Capture forms submitted.

Company Dashboard Enhancements

Several new enhancements were made to the Company Dashboard, but aside from a general face-lift, you can now view all marketing touchpoints for a specific company: From Lead Capture Forms submitted to Email Marketing Campaigns opened and clicked…

Current users will see a new set of tabs along the top of the Company Dashboard page. Each of these tabs displays content and charts that focus on a specific set of marketing events or touchpoints your organization has had with a specific company.  Read the Documentation

CRM Lead and Contact Reports with GeoIP

Two new reports were added that enrich the Reports Manager experience. These new reports display daily view of all Leads and/or Contacts created within the CRM. Additionally, we have added GeoIP information to these (and many other) reports.

Special thanks to our customers for submitting these and other feature requests via the LoopFuse Community!

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