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LoopFuse Offers Free Marketing Automation to Transform the Industry

The launch of FreeView – the first and only free, user-friendly, risk-free marketing automation solution – validates Loopfuse’s leadership position in the SMB marketing automation space.

ATLANTA, GA – June 30, 2010 LoopFuse, the leader in sales and marketing automation for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), announced today the availability of FreeView, a free, fully-functional marketing automation platform designed to meet the needs of SMB marketers.  FreeView, the free version of Loopfuse OneView, offers lead scoring, visitor analytics, and multi-flight, responsive email campaigns.  With FreeView, any organization can tap the power of the leading on-demand sales and marketing automation solution that has generated more than $54 million in revenue for its customers this year.

In the current climate of shrinking budgets and heightened pressure to generate qualified leads, SMB marketers increasingly need user-friendly, cost-effective marketing automation tools to close the gap between sales and marketing.  Similar to emerging pay-for-performance models, FreeView provides clients with the flexibility of growing with the solution, giving users the option of progressing to higher levels of usage as needed, for a fee.  However, the FreeView offering is not a trial, never expires, and is a fully-functioning marketing automation system.

“The marketing automation space has grown confusing for marketers and many solutions are priced beyond what many SMB’s can afford due to tight budgets,” said Sean Dwyer, CEO, LoopFuse.  “FreeView changes the game by delivering a user-friendly, rapid time-to-value solution at no cost. With the use of FreeView, SMB marketers can begin accelerating their revenue today.”

According to Marcus Tewksbury, analyst, MarketingMojo, “FreeView is the right offering at the right time for SMB marketers.  Marketing organizations everywhere are remaking themselves for the ‘digital gone social reality’ and they need new tools to manage customer engagement.  LoopFuse FreeView has all the functionality a marketer needs,” said Tewksbury, “as well as a pricing model perfect for the SMB space.”

"I’ve used many different marketing automation solutions over the years and none of them deliver such rich functionality in such a user-friendly and affordable package as LoopFuse OneView," said Andy Ellicott, vice president of marketing, VoltDB. “It took us just a few hours to integrate OneView into our web site and Salesforce.com, and get our first lead capture and lead nurturing flows running. Loopfuse’s lead-capture, nurturing, scoring, segmentation and reporting has been vital to the rapid evolution and effectiveness of the VoltDB sales and marketing team.”

LoopFuse Freeview is now available.  Companies interested in getting started can visit (http://www.loopfuse.com/signup.php) to obtain a Loopfuse account.

About LoopFuse
LoopFuse is a leading provider of on-demand sales and marketing automation solutions designed to close the loop between sales and marketing.  Organizations leveraging LoopFuse achieve 50 percent more productivity from their sales and marketing departments by efficiently nurturing, scoring and then assigning leads in Salesforce.com (CRM).  LoopFuse enables marketers to build higher yielding pipelines, more efficient marketing departments and more effective sales teams — all resulting in increased revenue.  LoopFuse is privately held company based in Atlanta. For more information on LoopFuse, please visit www.loopfuse.com or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/loopfuse.

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Director of Marketing
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