LoopFuse founders interviewed

August 14th, 2007 by Roy Russo

When we sat down with Dennis Byron for this interview, we thought it’d be about LoopFuse, the company. To my amazement, he was more interested in hearing about Tom and I, our viewpoints on OSS, and our past at JBoss/RHT.

As any good journalist would do, Dennis was after the real story. He wasn’t overly interested in the shiny new OSS widget we had invented. No, he was more interested in the JBoss and Red Hat pasts of the LoopFuse founders, what they had learned, and how it would be applied to a marketing and sales automation suite.

Dennis did a good job of highlighting and understanding how Tom and I had part in founding successful OSS products in the past… from $0 to $350M. Personally, the worst thing to come out of this interview is that I thoroughly enjoy being underestimated, and it blew my cover as being “just another JBoss code-monkey”. What can I say? The shtick works well against competitors and their VCs that are too busy polishing their golf clubs to see the LoopFuse freight train coming at them. Go back to sleep, my sheep.

You can read the entire interview at eBizQ, here.

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