Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions

March 25th, 2011 by Don Dalrymple

Loopfuse will not generate demand by itself any more than a car will win a NASCAR race without a driver and a team.  It is world-class technology which can translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the right team operating and building the right campaigns inside of it.

Marketing Automation Is The Middle

Loopfuse is the tool for the middle of the funnel.  This is where nurturing, delivering value and scoring ready leads is done.  It is relevant today more than ever because the dynamics of buying have completely shifted.  Buyers are in charge, not sellers.  Buyers delay their engagement with salespeople and the sales process until they are ready or have to connect.  The front part of selling is now self-service.  Information is readily available for the buyer online.

If your content does not connect or is not found, then the opportunity for Loopfuse to deliver results will be hampered.  Content marketing is critical to master within the Loopfuse framework.  Ultimately your content should create a call to action within your landing pages and campaigns.  Consider the following to help an anonymous visitor become a lead that you can nurture.

1. Tactical How-To Content

Your landing pages should have ongoing value to help the buyer in their decision making as well as empower them to be in the sales conversation.  The content you produce will live and perpetuate online.  It will establish your credibility and authority if you continue to publish and produce value that buyers can use and engage with.

A second layer of increased value in the form of tactical content such as how to build a website or steps for starting a business are more concrete.  This can be captured and packaged within mediums that require an email.  Once you have the email, your nurturing can begin.

The form of your content can be ebooks, white papers, guides, video or podcasts.  A buyer that requests your special content has opted in to learn more.  Ensure this process is well-defined and creates a positive emotion.  Use lead nurturing to follow up with interaction on the buyers’ opinions and comments.  Ensure you have set up Lead Scoring to track each movement and response to your automation campaign.

2. Educational Process Using Lead Flows

Your Loopfuse Lead Flows can be set up to educate a buyer about your value proposition, especially if you sell a sophisticated product or service.  Scheduling timing of emails days apart that build upon each other can be a powerful way of getting windows of attention in a busy work environment while helping your buyer understand new information that helps them say, “Yes.”

Each of the lead flows can break off into a decision matrix based on actions or inaction of the buyers.  If they are not interacting with your content, then different campaign messaging could be injected into the decision matrix.

Furthermore, lead scoring can be used to gauge answers from short survey questions covering the content to reinforce learning.

The more educated your customer is about your market, products and value the more intelligent the sales conversation will be.

3. Physical Products

Another triggered action which works effectively is to design your content in an interactive fashion.  Using a testing mechanism, you can drive a reward at the end which allows for a free prize.  Much like we cherished the prizes in a Cracker Jack Box, buyers love rewards.

Create an online test that integrates with your lead scoring.  When certain triggers are met, send a t-shirt, cap or what is relevant to your business to recognize and promote affinity.  You are creating fans in the process.  Your system should then continue to nurture based on a continuous buying experience.

Loopfuse Consulting Strategy

These strategies have worked effectively in our Loopfuse consulting with customers.  The mechanics can be managed with the controls inside Loopfuse.  The hard part is the touch, the art and the connection with the buyer.  It has to be personalized and strategic.  The timing, design, content and approach needs to be mapped out with the goal of lead conversion in mind.

What would such strategies do for your marketing automation initiatives?

LoopFuse Success


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