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LoopFuse Adds Role-Based Permissions and Custom Event Tracking

New release makes advanced marketing automation available to all companies regardless of size or budge

ATLANTA, GA – October 3, 2011 LoopFuse, the leader in sales and marketing automation for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced role-based security permissions and custom event tracking are available in its latest release.

LoopFuse offers both paid and free versions of its marketing automation software and previously advanced features like this were only available in more expensive, harder to use, and difficult to maintain systems.

Role-Based Security Permissions
Within all LoopFuse accounts, there are now three different roles available that a user can be assigned:  Administrator, Marketing, or Sales.  Administrators have access to all aspects of the system while custom permissions can be assigned for Marketing and Sales roles providing read-only viewing or limiting access to specific functionality.

Custom Event Tracking
Paid LoopFuse OneView accounts now have the ability to track events beyond web site and email activity.  These events are user defined and can include actions inside a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application or actions related to an ecommerce shopping cart experience.  Available via the LoopFuse API, the addition of custom event tracking via a web service adds additional flexibility to how customers can integrate their business processes based on their internal systems.

“We’ve always been focused on making marketing automation accessible to any company regardless of size or available budget,” said Sean Dwyer, CEO of LoopFuse.  “We are unique in our ability to offer advanced marketing automation functionality because you can start at no cost and upgrade to a paid account as your business and needs grow.”

Try LoopFuse to automate your marketing for free by visiting: http://www.loopfuse.com

About LoopFuse, Inc.
LoopFuse, the first and only provider of free marketing automation, is the leader in on-demand lead management solutions designed specifically for SMBs. Organizations leveraging LoopFuse achieve 50 percent more productivity from their sales and marketing departments by efficiently nurturing, scoring and then assigning leads in Salesforce.com (CRM). LoopFuse enables marketers to build higher yielding pipelines, more efficient marketing departments and more effective sales teams — all resulting in increased revenue. LoopFuse is privately held company based in Atlanta, GA. For more information on LoopFuse, please visit http://www.LoopFuse.com or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/LoopFuse.

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