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If You Like LeadLander, You are
Going to LOVE Loopfuse!

No doubt, LeadLander has set a high bar in the online visitor tracking space. They do a great job of helping you identify the companies that are on your site and giving you some idea about the pages they are visiting. What LeadLander doesn’t do, however, is give you the ability to engage and deepen the relationship with that visitor. Everything must be done manually and in a time consuming way. If you had success with LeadLander, you are going to love Loopfuse. It’s going to help you convert more visitors into paying customers through:

  • Richer Profiles – watch prospect across email, search, display, and social in addition to web
  • Effective Scoring – focus valuable sales energy on the most qualified leads
  • Nurturing – send targeted email messages in response to activity by warm leads
  • ROI Reporting – prove what’s really working by connecting CRM opportunities to profile activity

…and, did we mention? It’s FREE. Not for a limited time. Forever. For any account with up 2,500 prospect records and 5,000 monthly emails you’ll never pay a dime!

Loopfuse has been tremendous for our business. LeadLander was a great tool, but Loopfuse enables us to do everything we did with LeadLander plus so much more. We can now proactively reach out to visitors with relevant messages and sales is happy because they are spending more time with higher quality leads.”

We were really happy with LeadLander, until we found Loopfuse. We can just do so much more with our limited resources. Before we were never touching leads that sales didn’t pickup. Now, we are reaching out to those leads right away and reactivating ones that have fallen dormant. In the first 60 days with Loopfuse we’ve closed 5 deals we wouldn’t have with LeadLander.

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What Makes LoopFuse Different Than LeadLander?